Anthracite is the New Black

Anthracite is the New Black

We have seen the popularity of colour Anthracite Grey (RAL reference 7016) increase rapidly over the past few years, to become the most requested colour other than specific whites, blacks and traditional variations on primary colours.

Anthracite practically conforms with almost any colour scheme and can work wonderfully on old and new properties alike. Anthracite is a chalky and earthy near-black or very dark grey. Anthracite itself is a form of coal used in thermal power stations for generating electricity.

Anthracite front door and garage door

Matching Anthracite Sectional & Entrance Doors

The Rise of Anthracite Grey

Many years ago I was asked to supply a large awning for a client and it had to be a fast delivery. When checking with some manufacturers, one of the leading companies at the time had the size we required in stock, but in this new, and unheard of, anthracite grey. Reluctantly the client accepted the offer for this and the awning was delivered and installed... and the result was amazing.

The awning was installed onto an old refurbished barn conversion with a lot of natural timber and stonework in the scheme, so a modern grey didn't seem like a great option, but how we were amazed by the result!! It really was a turning point and highlighted how this mid to dark grey finish could work with anything and was to soon become a default option on so many building projects for door, windows, gates and awning cassettes.

Anthracite roller shutter and side hinged garage doors

Bespoke Hormann Rollmatic & Ryterna Side Hinged Doors in Anthracite

Why Does it Work so Well?

  • RAL 7016 is an extremely useful grey tone that blends incredibly well with nearly all building materials (brickwork, painted render, wood cladding, steelwork, natural stone etc.)
  • RAL 7016 is very unobtrusive when compared with White. It prevents window and door frames from standing out aesthetically and diminishing the overall visual impact of a new extension, large door or framework.
  • RAL 7016 has an exceptionally low maintenance necessity - its obscure colour is very forgiving to any grime or dirt deposits that may build up over time - quite unlike white, which only really looks its best when clean.

As a result of these facts, the colour has transformed the modern industry and Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) has developed into one of the most specified powder coating colours for entrance doors, garage doors and many of our outdoor living products, including veranda framework, awnings and canopy systems.

Anthracite Hormann sectional garage door

Hormann M-Ribbed Sectional in Anthracite

This increase in recent years has led most powder coating suppliers to make it a stock item. Firmly recognised as an architect's top choice, RAL 7016 is spread far and wide, being used in the latest retail parks, new build homes, to hotel and restaurant facades, schools and city centre developments. Its reputation has become widely accepted.

Anthracite Grey is the perfect door colour for a modern abode. But don't be put off if you live in a traditional property because this colour can add a contemporary twist to any home.   It's such a versatile colour that it has become our most popular colour choice by far. Many manufacturers of entrance doors and garage doors also offer a textured paint version of anthracite which is not a RAL 7016 match, but a metallic or textured version that is similar to this grey colour, whilst also offering a tougher finish. Laminate foil options are also available, with minor variations on the colour.

Why is Grey the new Black?

Grey is a neutral colour that sits halfway between black and white, and so it's significantly easy to pair it with a contrast.  Not only does Anthracite Grey look great with a matching frame, it also works really well with a different colour like French Grey or White.

To enhance your garage or entrance door style and colour further, try adding a whole range of stainless steel handle and embellishment feature options, contemporary glass inserts, as well as windows with sand blasted or other effects for a truly beautiful finish.

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