The Dove Group of companies supply, deliver and install high quality products for the home, industrial, and commercial premises.

The six main categories include Garage Doors, Electric Gates, Commercial Doors, Physical Security, Awnings and Fixed Terrace covers for Alfresco lifestyle solutions.
The main products have been sold by the various companies from 1985 and specialised knowledge is available in abundance.

As the products sold are so specialised we have kept the companies separated even though many of the products have a very strong synergy in most households and commercial premises. This blog website is designed purposefully to offer information, useful resource pages, discussions and solutions to many common and not so common requests, queries and problems encountered almost daily. Although the blog website is called garagedoorblog you will find information on all the products offered by the Dove Group of companies and other non associated companies as they all have a common link in technology and application.

We hope you find this all useful.

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