Homebuilding: Timber Cladding Your Home and Its Accessories

By Shannon Challis | September 30, 2020

How to reduce your outlay when you are working on a timber cladded home. “Open for Infill” Versus Ready Made!

By Alice Dove, Director. September 2020

Beautiful timber up & over matching the surrounding cladding

Having seen some beautiful home development work recently on my travels, this made me put pen to paper to describe how you can match your new development to the garage door whilst managing your outlay, which is particularly useful if you are destroying your budget on your development, rather than doing this the other way around by organising a garage door that is “open for infill” after you have already decided on your cladding type. The latter is the more bespoke and therefore a higher cost option.

Option OFI!

Let’s say, you have been given the wish list by your client, or you have personally decided to stick to a specialist timber, such as “Siberian Larch” or oak style cladding on the new home. Certain breeds of timber can be heavy, or your predefined cladding could be thick. You may choose a timber that is not available in the world of garage door manufacturing. This means that once you have contacted us, your friendly garage door specialists, and we work out the right garage door “open for infill” which can carry your chosen timber style and weight, it results in a higher price due to the sheer power it will require to move the timber and the made to measure aspect. After we have provided the open for infill door you still have the job of getting it filled with your own cladding.

As an example, I am estimating here for a Hormann N500 style 400 up and over style of garage door, with a frame, of 12 feet wide and 6ft 6 inches high, plus frame, in the standard factory spray finish. This will be £3,654 plus delivery to you. This is including VAT and of course, comes ready for you to clad to match the home, within the panel, as well as around the frame. Remember, it is empty of timber when it arrives with you. If you wanted the steel framework spraying to match anything else in the home, in a specialist RAL of your own choice, this would be an additional £620

Option Garador Ready made!

If you choose the Garador up and over garage door with steel factory fitted frame, which comes fully finished in RAL 8028 brown, for a standard size of 12ft wide by 6ft 6inches high, plus the frame, in either horizontal or vertical layout, with a black nylon handle, as shown, in cedarwood, plank effect, it would be £2867 plus delivery and including VAT. This can be upgraded to a fully finished stain by the factory for only an additional £182 including VAT, which allows for you to have light oak, antique wood, mahogany, walnut, chestnut or ebony stain and finish completed at the factory.

As you can see this means the timber infill is already done and all you have to do is ensure that your cladding for the home is the same, and the opening was a standard size to accept this garage door, which does require some advanced planning and discussion with all who will be living there!

Garador Vertical Design Timber Up and Over Door
Vertical Designed Door
Garador Horizontal Designed Timber Up and Over Door
Horizontal Designed Door

Electric Operation

Add a Motor for £333 including VAT to either of these garage doors, complete with two handsets and LED light inside when the door is in use, you can also get an app that is compatible with this garage door operator.

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