Recommend a simple standard up and over garage door

By admin | July 21, 2010

Recommending a simple standard up and over garage door

The recommendation of anything without fear of repercussions is always difficult, but with an up and over garage door for us it is easy after the 24 years of experience we have had supplying and installing them. If you want a garage door that has been developed over many years specifically for the following:

High quality appearance
Absolute ease of operation
High quality mechanism options
The best panel strength using box section galvanised steel
Security through strength and excellent locking
Value for money, even the lowest price in some sizes
Excellent range of standard sizes
Choice of colours and materials – Steel, Timber GRP or Upvc
10 year guarantee
Pre assembled from the factory

Who makes such a garage door? You need look no further than the superb Hormann Series 2000 range of up and over garage doors.
These garage doors have been available in the UK for over 20 years now and are assembled in Leicestershire, Hormann themselves as a company have been producing doors for 75 years!! Hormann are an international company with the origins in Germany and are still owned by the same family that set the company up all those years ago. They are proud of their products and rightly so. As well as up and over garage doors Hormann also produce high quality entrance doors, industrial doors, commercial doors, specialised hinged steel doors and many other construction products including a vast range of electric garage door and gate operators for all applications.
Hormann also are the outright owners of Garador garage doors but although the doors look almost the same, and the operating gear is, the door panels for Garador are constructed in a different way and arguably are not quite as strong as they are button locked in the corners and not welded like the Hormann doors. This aside the Garador range is still a very high quality range of doors and they do offer slightly different designs to the Hormann range.

Still not convinced, then give us a call for all the very latest prices and promotions on Hormann doors…
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