Woodrite Timber Doors, the Difference is Personnel

What makes a good quality timber garage door?

The answer is down to the quality of timber, quality of construction and very importantly the quality of finishing and treatment. To have options on the operating gear mechanism is a huge bonus as well. Take a look at the Woodrite range of timber garage doors and all this is standard on their side hinged, up and over and now their personnel side doors.

The Woodrite range was re launched recently to offer possible the widest range of timber garage doors in the UK and although there are plenty of styles, sizes and options to choose from you can also have a bespoke door or variation on a standard produced to your requirements too. The beauty of wood is the unique character in every section used but this needs to be worked with rather than against to sympathetically preserve the natural variations in graining and colour tones. Woodrite care about timber and with time served joiners who have an eye for detail a quality door can be produced every time.

Idigbo timber garage doors

Choice and more choice!

For the Up and Over doors there are 12 designs in the Somerset range and 24 designs in the Buckingham range to begin with. These are cedarwood built doors offered in standard and purpose made sizes with either their 'Masta' or Super Chassis' operating mechanisms. Then there is the Balmoral range with a further 24 designs and the Warwick range with 16 designs and the availability of Idigbo as an optional hardwood timber. Personnel side doors are made to match all these garage doors to complete your garage appearance. The York range completes the picture with 28 designs of side hinged, traditional mortice and tenon constructed timber doors, all purpose made and supplied with everything required for installation and a choice of hardware and furniture options. There are many new panelled designs in the ranges and new door designs incorporating glazing with the option now of polycarbonate or toughened glass.

The Highest Quality

The attention to detail in every Woodrite garage door is amazing with every timber section treated BEFORE being assembled into a complete door panel ensuring the very best protection using the Teknos wood finish system. Every timber section is machined with the very latest woodworking machinery to ensure the very best finish to the timber surface and with a high quality factory finishing option available you can take delivery of your new timber garage door with nothing further to do! The way the timber door panel is constructed is also down to you. You can either have a 'panel built' or 'solid built' door panel in most sizes. The panel built door is offered in 2 options, one having an aluminium section frame where the chassis is built first and then the timber is built into the framing which also carries the 'Masta Gear' retractable operating mechanism. The other option of the 'Super Chassis' is similar in that the steel box section chassis is built forst and the timber is again built into the chassis to which the retractable gear is attached, The super chassis and gear is the same as the Hormann 'Series 2000' operating mechanism to give a smooth, precise operation with high quality components and locking.

Both door systems have an overlapping edge to edge timber feature to present only timber from the outside face, hiding the chassis from external view. With the optional steel fixing sub frame you can also have matching timber cladding on the external face of the frame. The solid built doors are built in a traditional mortice and tenon joinery method to give a panel built entirely of timber to which the 'Masta' operating gear is then fitted too. The solid panel built doors present a door panel that looks as good on the inside as the outside.

Woodrite tingewick

Finer Details Make the Difference

With a Woodrite door you can make an individual statement in so many ways- * Wider boards are available in almost every door design for example to make the biggest differences when it comes to getting a 'period' look and 138mm boards instead of 80mm will make that difference every time. * Rounded chamfer options on many designs also have a big impact to the overall door and this can be specified when required (Not on the Somerset range) * Cedar and Idigbo clad timber sub frame options give a perfect match when required rather than a painted steel sub frame or the worst scenario - a non matching softwood or hardwood sub frame that will not match the main door panel unless painted very dark indeed. The special frames are factory produced and also get finished the same as the door panel colour option.

*Cranked lifting arms can give a wider drive through on the smaller width doors and are standard on the Masta operating gear up to 9 feet (2743mm) wide and optional on Super chassis doors up to 7'6" (2286mm) wide and they offer a wider drive through width at wing mirror height for standard cars making garage use easier.

*New special finishes are now available for both cedar and idigbo doors keeping up to speed with the demand for modern and traditional colours on timber products. Idigbo is a revelation for garage doors - Lighter in weight than oak of any kind and fully certified. It is also lower in cost and easier to work with and yet almost impossible to distinguish from oak. Many of the Woodrite door designs are now available in Idigbo on the panel or solid build options with their own fully finished colours too. Woodrite offer oak but in limited sizes and designs and limited warranty too.

Take a look at Idigbo every time as oak is possible but very limited in size and style.

With the double width doors many designs can be specified to be built to look like one door panel or 2 single door designs into one double width, the choice is completely up to you.

The difference in greater attention to detail

The difference in greater attention to detail with Woodrite Doors

Remote Control Electric Operation

All the Woodrite garage doors can be electrically operated using a whole range of different operators. We would recommend the appropriate Hormann, Garador, Marantec, Liftmaster or Somfy electric operator in the majority of cases and they all have options on power output for the different sizes of doors, accessories for controlling access and other options for emergency override requirements in case of power failure. As the Woodrite doors are all made to high standards there is no problem in automation and that included the side hinged garage door ranges too. For side hinged garage doors there are always 2 methods of automating, see this information page here >

For full information, prices and specifications on the Woodrite range please call on (01933) 229135

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