Why Choose one Side Hinged door over another?

What is the difference between Door A:

Cateck Side Hinged Cateck Side Hinged

And this, Door B:

Why should you choose one above the other?


Are you concerned about the belongings you will keep in the garage? If so, the top one is your door! This is because you can have hinge bolts included as standard, to prevent intrusion at the hinge end, plus, you can upgrade your doors to have 3 point locking. However, if security is not your concern then you can stick with door B.


Will you be heating the garage, and using it for a room? If so then door A is the best choice, as it comes in 40mm thick insulated panels and you can utilise the additional rubber seals with a raised upstand to reduce passage of air underneath. The U value of one of our manufacturer's doors, in category A when 3m x 2.25m is 2.2 W / m2 .K. If alternatively, you are not using the garage for anything that requires the retention of heat or cold, you would be fine with door B

Design Options

If you would like to make a statement with the kerb-appeal look of your home, then look no further than door A, because you can choose from an array of styles, to include extended steel handles, embellishment to include steel swirls and stripes, windows in all sorts of places, shaped like portholes or rectangular. The options are great. If however, you are not concerned with the personalised appearance then stick with door B.


Door A prices start at £1,300 including VAT for an insulated white steel door in a woodgrain appearance up to 1500mm wide and 2125mm high. This comes with a euro profile lock, lever handles, hinge bolts, stays, a factory fitted steel frame, it is insulated to 40mm thick and is double skinned, with a threshold. Compare this to door B which starts at £726 including VAT, this comes with a europrofile lock, lever handles, and a steel factory fitted frame, no threshold, and the stays are an extra option. It is a single skin steel, and comes in a full powder coated white as standard, with the option of having another standard colour from a range of 17.


If you would like windows in your side hinged doors, this is an option in both of the doors, A and B. For the door A which is insulated the windows are amongst a large array of choices, and come double glazed, with an extra option of having triple glazed safety glass. If you choose door B the windows are single glazed polycarbonate, as they need a greater degree of flexibility.

Lead Time

This tends to be longer for door A as the door is not in stock. Average time to wait for one of the doors A is 6-8 weeks. This does depend on the degree of personalisation.

Made to Measure

For door B you will achieve that good price as you are having a standard sized door, however once you move to having a made to measure size, this changes and does increase the price somewhat. With door A the price is within a bracket, and all of these doors are made to measure within those brackets.

Two-Thirds One-Third Split

This is a possibility for either door, more made to measure split for door A however it hinges on the panel shapes and whether there will be windows as you can imagine. There is no preferred door for this option to happen for you. It is a great option, as the best scenario if you use your garage as a living space, is that you do not open the large leaf and you keep the heat or cool in!

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