What is an Overlap Trackless Garage Door?

Relatively new still to the UK this is, in theory the answer to many peoples problems in one garage door type giving all the benefits required.

The Overlap trackless garage door is a door that is manufactured by Silvelox in Italy and is a door produced in timber and then treated and fully finished in the factory to provide a finished door to site. It is a totally unique mechanism using a counterbalance weight system with very large cables lifting the door panels from the sides vertically until the lower panel of the door is tilted to slide under the upper panel with both panels eventually ending up suspended inside providing the full width of the opening and almost the full height too. It is a door without any internal tracking whatsoever ticking the box for anyone who has internal issues, vaulted ceilings or simply doesn't like tracks and wants a clean internal view when the door is closed. The huge choice of high quality timber finishes in species such as Oak, Larch, Okoume, Mahogany and so on also gives great flexibility in making the right choice to match existing architectural features on your home.

Domina Overlap Timber Garage Door

The Overlap garage door offers a very high level of security and insulation due to the panel construction.

Double skinned with a honeycomb internal core these door panels also have rubber seals all round to complete the sealing when closed. All the doors are also made to measure in 50mm increments to ensure the best sizing when ordering and making the most of your garage structural opening in the process.

Very modern, sleek designs provide a great choice of door panels to choose from in almost any colour too. You can have a bespoke design produced if required as has always been the case with Silvelox doors, craftsmen working in tried and tested ways for over 40 years.

The Overlap garage door is a door, as we said, solving all the usual problems inside and around a garage opening - The vertical opening method means you can park right up to the door as there is no swing out when operating. The lack of internal tracking pleases everyone with only half of the door height ever entering the garage when the door is fully open. The double skinned and insulated door panels provide the peace of mind for security and also weather sealing and there is a superb range of contemporary and modern styles as well as bespoke designs possible.

And now if you do not want timber there is a complete new range of insulated double skinned steel panels using the tried and tested properties of a sectional garage door panel with 42mm thick foam filled sections. again these doors are made to order and come in a whole range of finished colours with options on accessories such as windows, furniture and special colours.

Check out the short video as it probably shows the best explanation of this unique and attractive garage door system.

For more information on this unique and superb garage door go to TheGarageDoorCentre      

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