Weinor Glasoase Glass Room

Weinor Glasoase - The Glass Room

Bring the outdoors into your home with our award-winning Glasoase glass room, our beautifully designed addition to the Weinor range of high quality sun, wind and rain protection products. Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors combined with all the comfort of the indoors with our frameless sliding glass panelled room, an enviable addition to any patio! The flexible specification glass elements, along with a combination of patio roof, awnings, patio heating, lighting and ventilation allow the Glasoase shape and design to be tailored to your personal taste and needs, whilst providing you with a room flooded with natural light and an unbeatable panoramic view of the great outdoors.
Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, weinor Glasoase is also highly functional. It can be adapted to suit virtually any building situation and is an asset to any property. Your individual needs can be catered for with 11 different versions available, depending on the shape of your house, how you would like the frameless glass elements arranging and where you feel you would like the supports placing.
A Glasoase glass room is not a conservatory. You have the option of fitting a weinor awning, either an under mounted UV screen to reduce heat build up and prevent 'glaring', or an externally mounted thermal protector to protect your glass room from overheating. Additionally, a weinor vertical awning may be fitted to your Glasoase, equally adept at providing protection from the sun. By adding a fabric from our Soltis collection, you are hidden from the outside world yet still able to see everything that is going on from the inside! Choose from 140 different elegant Italian patterns from our standard 'weinor moments' range, or from 22 different gorgeous and hi-tech 'WeiTex' fabrics.
Enjoy your Glasoase glass house your way with any combination of ingenious accessories, to really put the finishing personal touches to your home. From our hi-tech WeiTronic weather sensors to automatically open and retract the awning according to the weather, to simple sliding roof vents, we provide you with anything you need to get the most out of your Glasoase. The Lux Design light bar creates atmospheric lighting, and when things turn cool, Tempura patio heating radiates comforting warmth, so you can spend hours in your glass room until well into the evening! A convenient and stylish remote control adds to the comfort and ease of operation of any accessories you decide upon.
Despite its delicate and elegant appearance, the sophisticated design of Glasoase ensures maximum safety and longevity. Weinor have taken into consideration the stress put on the glass room by heavy wind or snow, and have paid particular attention to produce a safe, top quality product with this in mind. The aluminium supports are impervious to weather unlike timber, and do not rust or discolour over time. The powder covering that weinor provides as standard ensures a scratch and impact free frame, and with Weinor being the only manufacturer to offer all components from one place, you can be sure of a matching even colour and shine. Unlike other conservatories, minimal construction work is needed when you fit your Glasoase. However our professionals, whom you are able to rely on for an open ear and plenty of expert advice, offer a no-fuss installation service, helping to make your patio dreams come true.
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