Up and Over Garage Doors

Most households who have a garage constructed after about 1960 will have an up and over garage door of some sort fitted assuming the original door is still in place. Back then there were very limited choices of designs and the doors were nearly always steel or aluminium. There were only a handful of standard sizes and some fairly creative spring operating sytems and arm lifting mechanisms. Most of these systems would now be unacceptable and deemed to be dangerous for many reasons. Modern up and over garage doors still offer the widest range of styles and materials as they are always constructed as a one piece panel and as they can be manufactured from steel, timber, Upvc and GRP (Fibreglass) the diversity of design is endless. As well as an enormous choice of standard designs and sizes companies like Hormann and Novoferm offer what is known as an 'open for infill' door which is basically a factory built chassis with all the mechanism, locking and framing but the main panel left for individuals to insert timber or Upvc in whtever design is required, although within some weight limitations.

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