The Perfect Garage Door for the Perfect Garage?

Over the 32 years we have been selling and installing various garage doors, the one single thing that so many people tend comment on is the internal tracking mechanism required by so many garage door types, particularly on larger width doors.

Imagine a one piece up & over garage door which has no tracks whatsoever, even at a huge 6m wide! No tracks and no central boom for the electric motor drive. The door can be manual or electrically operated in all sizes because this door operates via a counterbalanced system that uses widths either side to effortlessly lift the door during opening.

This is the same basic principal used in a lift system, which operates by raising the weight with a counterweight, cable and roller system. Smooth, effortless operation is achieved without ever having to concern yourself with a spring being tensioned properly. This is the Silvelox D_Met.

The Differences from Traditional Garage Doors...

For any traditional one piece up & over garage door over 8 feet wide, there are two horizontal tracks running into the garage that are the same length as the door height.
For any sectional type door, there are again two horizontal tracks, often double the size, coming into the garage, usually 400-600mm longer than the door height. Round the corner doors require a full length tracking system coming into the garage.

Plus, if these doors are electrically operated, they would also require a long track system for the electric operator, so effectively a third track right down the middle or to the side would also be installed.

This is where and why the Silvelox D_Met up & over is introduced, a unique door system offering the following:

  • Double skinned steel for strength
  •  Insulated double skinned panel, reaching U-Values of up to 0.51 W/m2k
  • Double skinned steel panel for security and durability
  • Purpose made as standard
  • Optional pedestrian door inset into the main door panel for easy access on foot
  • Wide range of high quality standard colours and woodgrain finishes
  • Choice of standard or non-protruding mechanisms
  • Manual or Electric operation

All these unique features and technical advantages have come from a door system designed over 40 years ago with the Silvelox timber door range. The mechanism is a tried and tested system but now with the insulated steel panel available you no longer only have the choice of timber, along with the higher price of a high quality timber door panel.

Take a look at this great door system, because if you are looking to create the perfect garage, you probably won't want a garage door throwing steel tracks into your internal garage space.

Come and see the benefits and smooth operation of a Silvelox garage door for yourself at our Northamptonshire showroom.

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