The Benefits of Wind Tested Doors

We would hope it has become quite apparent over the last few weeks why you would be wise to only consider a door pre tested to a minimum wind speed standard?

With larger garage doors being installed more often and the weather in the UK seemingly getting more aggressive at shorter notice the relevance of wind testing has become very relevant. Major manufacturers of garage doors have wind testing certificates on their roller and garage doors and many people now would be wise to take note of this especially for double width or larger doors, or any door that may be in an exposed location near a coast for example.

The UK has seen wind speeds exceeding 100mph on more than one occasion and it is very apparent that there are longer periods of high speed sustained winds more than we have noticed in previous years and building structures, windows and doors are all pushed to the limits and beyond. If the door gives way the damage can escalate internally too. As of July 1st 2013 it became mandatory for installers of Industrial, Commercial and Garage Doors and Gates to CE mark their completed installations as specified by the harmonised British Standard EN 13241-1:2003+A1:2011 therefore complying with the EU Construction Products Regulation (305/2011). This means the product cannot even considered to be installed if it does not have a minimum specification recognised and required for the installation. The full details of all the CE marking and what is required is probably best left to the professional installer of any door on your home as the details can get quite mind boggling. Just be sure that your door is CE marked properly by the installer as part of the installation process, too many are still being left uncertified in the UK.

So what is the wind testing about?

It is basically all about having a product that when fitted into an opening has a minimum wind loading resistance that has been tested and approved with a maximum size stipulated. The minimum and default wind loading is a class 2 which is for wind speeds of up to 59mph and there are doors at class 3 and 4 especially for commercial applications of course in exposed locations.

The worst offender in garage door types in the UK seems to currently be the roller garage door with so many 'traders' having a go at making their own roller door as it is relatively easy to manufacture a basic roller door by sourcing the components from any number of suppliers. These doors will be manufactured to a minimum specification to compete purely on price but will rarely comply with the minimum requirements for CE marking and of course will almost certainly never be wind load tested. So for any purchase of door at a larger size we would recommend you ensure the product is tested and certified to a minimum specification and when installed checked and CE marked.

Remember - Buy cheap and buy twice!!! Imagine if your windscreen was not tested to withstand high wind speeds?

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