SeceuroGlide Insulated Roller Doors and What the Sizes Mean

When you look to specify and order an insulated roller garage door, the majority of roller doors use a simple rule for ordering as follows:

What is an Insulated Roller Door?

An 'insulated roller garage door' in the UK refers to a roller door manufactured using aluminium slats which are double skinned and sandwiched with an insulating foam layer. These slats can be a variety of sizes, and as discussed in previous posts, many are very inferior in their construction - too thin, inferior bonding methods or simply low quality. Such issues can lead to fast de-lamination in strong sunlight, making the slats warp and look very nasty from the front, eventually deteriorating and needing replacing.

High Quality Roller Doors

We have advised many times about the higher quality insulated roller doors such as the SeceuroGlide range, a range of aluminium roller doors derived from a tried and tested range of security window and door shutters manufactured by SWS, a company with pedigree in this area of manufacturing. These were one of the first companies in the UK to develop a garage door from larger and deeper profile curtain slats from a range of already tried and tested security shutters, and because of this the garage door was developed with security in mind from the outset.

How are Roller Doors Measured & Specified?

As most roller doors are fitted onto the internal face of a garage opening, you measure the width and height of the structural opening and, assuming you have an internal face either side and headroom above the lintel, the door is ordered by taking the width and adding the size of the guides either side as chosen. The height is the guide height with allowance made for the relevant height for the end-plates, which support the roll of the curtain. The same of course applies to a roller door installed to the outside face of a garage. The only difference is you do need the optional complete cover to protect the curtain roll and components.

The diagram below maybe explains this better, but as a summary these doors are ordered by their OVERALL width including the guides and then the guide height, with the roll being an additional height above the guides, usually around 300 - 350mm to fully accommodate the dimensions. When fitting between an opening, you would have to order the roller door as the overall width again with some tolerance built in, and then calculate the overall height from floor to lintel and deduct the size of the endplates/curtain roll.

When installing this roller for in between an opening, you will usually require the optional fascia section as a minimum, however you can also order the complete hood cover to ensure from the outside you will not see the curtain roll as it sits underneath the lintel. The complete hood simply covers in the curtain roll completely for the neatest of finishes from both sides of the door. Just be sure you understand the guide width required or chosen in your calculations and also the endplate size which depends how high your roller door is, which of course affects the size of the roll when fully opened.

Securoglide Insulated Roller Door Dimensions_590_clean

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