Roller Garage Door or Sectional?- the debate continues

We are often asked to make a judgement on whether the roller or sectional garage door is the best for a replacement garage door. The trouble is now with huge advances in technology, especially in the colours and finishes of both doors the decision gets even more difficult. Certainly the roller garage door will fit into many more garage openings than the sectional as it just has the roll to accommodate where the sectional door has the tracking system internally quite often spoiled by the presence of internal beams or brick piers making the installation impractical.

What about price?

Well the real truth is it seems that a descent quality aluminium roller door pitched against a sectional door will more often than not be a very similar price so no easy decision to be made there then.

Roller shutter garage doors installed by The Garage Door Centre

Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors installed by The Garage Door Centre

Sectional Garage Doors

Of course we bang on about the perils of cheap electric aluminium roller garage all over our website because the fact is you really do not want to go there! So many roller garage doors are presented on the internet and other places as the best you can buy at some ridiculous headline price but if you really do your research you will almost definitely find the door to be totally non compliant with UK regulations and usually assembled from some very low quality internal components making it a door very likely to simple give up after a very short period of time. So what about the sectional door? Well actually with a sectional door you can get away with a lot more and in the main the sectional doors sold in the UK are all fairly good to excellent.

The best manufacturers by a mile are Hormann, Garador (the same), Carteck and SWS all offering a range of doors usually sold in the 42mm double skinned version in a range of styles, colours and sizes more then enough to cater for nearly all garages out there. The sectional garage door is a manual door with electric as an option where as the insulated aluminium roller door is primarily built only as an electric door system so that might make a difference.

Roller and Sectional Garage Doors

If you want windows for light in the garage then the sectional door will offer so much more light with an average door only having four panels in height where as the roller door will have around 22 individual slats. For insulation purposes the sectional door wins hands down with some incredible U values offered where the roller door is slightly flawed by the fact it is essentially split into 22 sections.

For security?

Both are good with the roller door having 'secure buy design' tested options at present and the sectional door does not. We think the sectional door will catch up shortly with this certification but in reality both are extremely difficult to casually break into. This is of course assuming you compare a decent aluminium roller door as very few have a good locking system as standard.

What do you do?

Take some advice from us after we have all the facts about your garage dimensions. many times it will be aobvious which garage door is better for the purpose but if not then some finer points need discussing to help make the judgement.

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