Pedestrian Access Doors in Garage Doors

Having a pedestrian access door built into your garage door offers a very practical solution for anyone who enters their garage frequently on foot or has a house entrance from the garage itself. A great proportion of people do not use their garage for storing a vehicle and have the garage as a workshop, study, gym, office or general storage room and require regular access without the hassle of opening a full size garage door. Several options are available for wicket (pedestrian) doors in garage doors depending upon three main factors size, material and garage door type.

Most of the options currently available are set out below.

Hormann Sectional Door with Wicket Door

All wicket doors only open outwards for safety reasons. Side hinged garage doors can be manufactured to open inwards if required.

Hormann offer their European manufactured up and over N80 and DF98 retractable garage doors in white or RAL painted colours for steel and base coat anti fungal for timber. Sizes available are from 2250mm wide x 1929mm high to 5000mm x 2375mm. This door can be automated with all safety devices required as additional to electric motor and controls. Novoferm also offer a steel one piece up and over door witha pedestrian door called the Thornby and this is available up to 2950 x 2134.

Hormann offer a pedestrian door in their sectional garage doors in the 42mm thick double skinned steel panels only and only with torsion type springs due to the increased weight. Colours available are white or most RAL paint finish colours at extra cost.

Sizes are available from 2250mm wide x 3000mm high to 4000mm x 2500mm with restrictions on certain designs at the larger widths and heights. These can be manual or remote control automated with all necessary safety devices as additional to motor.

Hormann Sectional Garage Door with Wicket Door in Pigeon Blue

Hormann Sectional with Wicket Door

Cedar Doors offer up and over timber doors in their Bakewell design and most other designs Retractable operating gear only in base coat or factory finish stain option. Sizes are available made to order from 1980mm wide x 2286mm high to 5487mm x 2286mm.

The doors can be automated with all necessary safety devices required as additional to the electric motor. Pedestrian doors can be on the left or the right hand side of the main door and it is possible to change the size of the pedestrian door width within the constraints of the overall door design. Bespoke designs and timber species other than cedarwood are also available if required.

Cedar Up and Over with Inset

Cedar Up & Over With Inset Pedestrian Door

Rundum Meir round the corner doors in timber or steel.

Original Rundum or side sectional doors have a pedestrian door facility by the very nature of their design and if they are electrically operated have a pedestrian door option setting. When the second button is pressed on the transmitter the door can be set to only open a certain width and then close again for quick and easy access.

Safety is built into the motor units as standard so automation can be considerably less costly than sectional or up and over extras required for the pedestrian door option. The manual option simply means pulling the door slightly to gain access on foot and then closing easily when leaving. Sizes available are almost any size for the Rumndum Original door and 7000mm wide x 3000mm high for the side sectional door.

Rundum Meir Round the Corner Timber Doors

Rundum Meir Round the Corner Doors

Vertico offer round the corner sliding garage doors in aluminium insulated double skin lath sections. A huge choice of standard paint and laminate finishes are available

Sizes range from 2000mm wide x 3000mm high to 5800mm x 3000mm in single parting and can be doubled in width for bi-parting door arrangement. Automation is standard and all safety and manual override facilities are included as standard. The pedestrian sized opening facility is available on the second button of the transmitter as the Rundum Meir door.

SWS Vertico Round the Corner Garage Doors

SWS Vertico Round the Corner Doors

Silvelox offer a unique timber up and over garage door that has a central or offset positioned pedestrian door option in any of their designs for a very reasonable additional cost of around 450 over the normal garage door price.

The door is centrally positioned on the smaller sizes but can be offset in certain designs and sizes check first! Sizes available 1850mm wide x 3345 high to 5700mm x 2350mm Can be manual or remote control electric operated with all safety and override facilities built in as standard when ordered.

Silvelox Up & Over With Inset Pedestrian Doors

Silvelox Up & Over With Inset Pedestrian Doors

Of course all the side hinged swing garage doors we supply in either steel, timber or GRP perform the same function of providing a pedestrian door by the very nature of the design and many of these doors now have a 2/3rd and 1/3rd split option to further enhance the pedestrian door facility. Give us a call today to discuss all the possible options for providing a very convenient pedestrian door access into your garage.

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