Is the Domina Overlap the Perfect Garage Door?

The Domina is described as a trackless sectional garage door and that may be the clue to its attraction.

Most peoples objections to sectional garage doors include the fact you have tracking inside the garage and quite lengthy sections of it too. The sectional garage door is one of the most technologically advanced doors in so many ways especially if you bring in the high performance in terms of security and also insulation. Most sectional doors are 40-42mm thick in the panel construction and have rubber seals in every possible place to provide a superb level of weathersealing for any size of garage. The problem is a lot of people look at the tracks and worry about all the space taken up inside their garage. The reality is in most cases the tracks are higher and wider than a normal up and over so in the average single garage this tracking is way up and out of the way but never the less does give an obstruction when the door is fully open. So, the Domina, a door without tracks!!

How is this possible?

The Domina uses all the mechanics and technology of the garage doors manufactured by Silvelox for over 40 years. A simple counterbalance weight system with cables lifting door panels upwards and in the case of the Domina very cleverly pulling one panel up first and then the second panel slides neatly underneath the first leaving the full width and most of the height as the drive through.

The Domina is a garage door using all the techniques and skills used in Silvelox doors to produce a garage door in either timber or steel double skinned panels offering high levels of insulation, security and style. The doors are all made to order with a range of standard designs which can be changed if required for you to personalise the appearance. Bespoke designs are available on request and priced individually. The doors are available in several standard timber species such as Okoume, Larch, Oak and spruce to name a few. Factory finished to perfection these garage doors will give you years of trouble free use with little maintenance required at all. They are available in manual or electric operation with a massive choice of control methods and accessories.

The Domina in all respects should be the perfect garage door as it rises vertically allowing all the space in front of your garage to be used, it has no internal tracking to intrude in your garage space and is always made to order. what else could you want? Add on to this the insulation, security and sheer fantastic style of the door as well as a totally unique operating method then yes, this is the perfect garage door.

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