Insulated Roller Garage Doors

Insulated Roller Garage Doors

insulated roller garage door slat




When we are asked or talk about insulated roller garage doors we are talking about the generic term applied to a roller door constructed from double skinned, foam filled, aluminium slats usually about 70-75mm in depth and around 18-25mm thick with a concave shape to follow the shape of the roll when rolled up and around the barrel section. The slat is strong and stylish and available in many different paint or laminate woodgrain finishes, but what about the insulation value?


We are often asked by architects for the specific 'U' value provided by these roller doors - the measure of how insulated the door actually is. The simple fact is there is generally no accurate measure available as the roller door on a standard height garage is made up of about 23 slats and there is a small gap between each slat and this gap is what makes measuring the 'U' value for an installed roller door impossible.

So in summary the insulated roller door will offer a good level of insulation but it is not actually measureable as each door will have a slightly different level of sealing once closed. Some roller doors have higher quality profile sections than others and the total effect can be dramatic in a complete door. We recommend the Seceuroglide, Hormann, Garador, Novoferm and Samson range of aluminium roller doors as they have continuity in quality and good guarantee periods. They are all made to order for a perfect fit and give excellent value for money. Also, consider the 'sectional' garage door if your insulation value is very important.

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