Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated garage doors are manufactured nowadays in many forms. The 2 main types of insulated garage doors sold in the UK are either a sectional or roller type. These 2 door types open and close vertically without any part of the door swinging out like other garage door types, this gives the best possiblity of sealing the door around the edges with rubber seals and therefore give the best overall insulation value when combined with the double skinned foam filled panel designs available. Insulated roller doors are usually manufactured from individual slats each approximately 75mm tall and 20mm thick with a slight curve to give the best possible rolling properties.

Each slat is linked to the next one by a shaped aluminium hook formed as part of the overall process of producing each slat and this is the weak point if any that means aluminium roller doors do not usually have a 'U' value as they cannot be properly tested with these tiny gaps possible. The sectional door however has a very precise formed top and bottom edge to each panel, of which there are only usually 4 in a standard height door, and these panels have rubber seals as well to give an excellent seal between the panels when the door is closed. This means sectional doors can be given insulation 'U' values and these vary depending on the thickness of the door panels which vary from 20mm through to 45mm.

The insulation values generally from either of these 2 door types gives an incredible difference inside your garage, cool in the summer and warm in the winter or more the point a possibility of a constant temperature - ideal for car collector enthusiasts but also ideal if your garage is attached to your main house as it will not draw heat away in the winter so much. Of course another great benefit of an insulated garage door is that because the panels are double skinned they are very strong and resistant to damage and attempted forced entry by would be burglars and this is another reason for purchasing the door even if you do not think you need the insulation.

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