How Insulated Does a Front Entrance Door Need to Be?

In answer to this question Hormann think it should be as insulated as is physically possible. The brand new range of aluminium front entrance doors from Hormann known as the ThermoSafe and ThermoCarbon ranges set new standards for how insulated a door can be. With insulation levels up to 0.47 W/(M2.K) this seems to be a new level set for domestic entrance doors. Not only however does this incredible level of insulation provide real benefits for the energy conscious homeowner it also means the very latest in technology, material use and very importantly, security.

The ThermoCarbon door is 100mm thick, yes 4 inches in old money!! It has a solid PU rigid foam infill and high stability with the carbon glass fibre reinforced composite leaf profile. The sub fixing frame is 111mm deep with a proper thermal break and triple sealing with 2 all round seals. The hinges of a ThermoCarbon entrance door are concealed as standard between the door leaf and frame and not visible from inside or outside so it is not possible to try to force or break the hinges for a start. The tamper proof locking cylinder, certified in accordance with DIN 18252, features premium fittings and anti picking, anti drill protection but still has an emergency function operated from the inside only. The stainless steel closing strip built into every door frame ensures a very secure closed status. 9 point security locking is offered as standard with 5 swing bolts and 4 steel bolts protecting you with one simple turn of a key. Further levels of security are offered with RC2, RC3 and RC4 all possible on request. This is a very secure entrance door!!

style 502-550 wide

Variations exist in the way in which the locking is activated and ThermoCarbon doors and automatic locking when closing the door is possible as well as the connection made possible to utilise intercom systems with the door locking and then further enhancements from 'BiSecur' digital keypads, remote control access control or finger reader devices. All these accessories are designed to meet the needs of the modern home tailored for you and your family. Why do we need such high levels of insulation you may ask? Well certainly for years now we have battled uphill to convince anyone of the need for an insulated garage door but for many reasons over the last 2-3 years the tide turned very fast indeed with seemingly a far higher level of awareness for the need to make as much effort as possible in energy conservation. Combined with the developers finally also taking up the challenge to build eco friendly, energy efficient homes the front door is a far more obvious target for energy saving, especially when you add in side elements, or top transom sections with large areas of glazing to allow natural light in as much as possible. We have seen a massive turn in requests for the existing ThermoPro PLUS entrance door, offering 67mm of insulated steel door and see the ThermoCarbon being no different now it is launched.

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