Pricing for a New Garage Door?

So you need a new garage door and some ideas on prices so where do you start?

First of all before making any enquiries it is essential to get measurements of the existing garage door and preferably some names and part numbers from the door panel and handle to help us. If the fixing sub frame the existing garage door is fixed to has also seen better days then it is best to get the structural brickwork opening measurements as well. When you replace a garage door with a new sub frame many manufacturers have different sub frame sizes depending on different factors and gear types so we can only advise if we know the brickwork opening sizes. If you are just looking for a basic garage door replacement then do not assume to say 'It is just a standard size' as although this may be the case the door quoted as say £400 installed can soon rocket to much a higher price if it is not one of the standard sizes and needs to be 3" smaller or bigger. Of course the most important thing may well be if you can get your vehicle in or not so always discuss the possibility of a larger door if possible as you want to only do this door replacement once. Many garage doors such as the roller or sectonal doors can be made to any size so standard or purpose made is not an issue, it generally only is the up and over or side hinged type of doors that can save a lot of money by using factory stock sizes.

Many companies promote headline prices of doors supplied and fitted FROM but as with any of this kind of marketing the from price is the lowest possible price for the door with no extras at all. You will inevitably always require a new fixing sub frame and if you do not want the standard white colour that all factories produce then that also is extra. It is easy to double the original headline price with a frame and a different colour let alone a different handle, weatherstripping, additional locking and maybe a remote control operator so always be very attentive as to what the prices are actually giving you in the end.

We pride ourselves at The Garage Door Centre in making sure we get the door that is right for your requirements rather than just to a price. We are sure we offer value for money but truly believe that when you do decide to buy a garage door that you dont end up needing to by another one within a year or so. Most of our doors have a 10 year guarantee and we want that to be the minimum time you have the door not the maximum.

Call us on (0800) 525442 for advice and pricing details.

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