Hormann ThermoSafe and ThermoCarbon Doors imminent

The brand new range of aluminium entrance doors from Hormann will be ready for the UK in July this year. ThermoSafe and ThermoCarbon as they are to be called, redefine entrance doors and insulation levels possible.

15 new designs for the ThermoSafe entrance door range and a further 15 designs for the brand new ThermoCarbon range offers the highest quality entrance doors available in the UK with emphasis on incredible levels of insulation, high security, high acoustic insulation, high stability in all weather conditions and low maintenance using mixtures of carbon fibre, aluminium, stainless steel and glass with options on side lights and transoms also.

Hormann now have a front entrance door with the possibility of having the lowest U value of any entrance door, an incredible 0.47 W/(m2.k)!! The ThermoCarbon entrance doors are 100mm thick as standard with reinforcements using carbon fibre and 9 point security locking. Triple sealing with 2 all round seals provide the sealing against the worst of weathers and the thermally broken fixing frame is also insulated and reinforced. The ThermoSafe entrance doors are a 73mm thick panel with a PU rigid foam infill and 80mm aluminium sub frame with a thermal break. Double sealing is provided all round the door and frame. 5 point locking is standard on these superb doors. All these entrance doors are made to order with options on colours, glazing, handles, design elements and access control devices such as digital keypads and finger reading devices to make the door truly secure to you and your family only.

The full catalogue and detailed images will be available shortly and in the meantime any information required please call us directly on (01933) 29135 and we will be pleased to help and provide pricing.

style 502-550 wide
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