Garage Door Prices in the UK

Garage door prices are fairly difficult to obtain online if you want accurate prices and on The Garage Door Centre website we do try to give an idea of prices for standard single and double width garage doors of various types fully installed and with the necessary fixing sub frame.

Most headline or online shop prices shown on websites are only showing the actual door panel and gear but none of the necessary installation items such as the sub frame and the problem is worse with side hinged swing type garage doors as they have so many hinges, locks, stays, bolts and other hardware items that the basic door panel price can almost be meaningless. Always make sure you have everything you require in order to compare prices like for like and nothing is missed out that may be required later and cost much more if purchased separately.

Roller garage doors are about the worst type of garage door for getting in a real muddle with prices as there seems to be so many the same visually and by description but all at very different prices. The difference with a roller garage door is most of the real important mechanics and moving parts cannot be seen so cannot be compared. There are so many roller doors in the UK where not only parts have been compromised to save money but in fact essential safety features are not used in a blatant disregard for the current regulations regarding remote control electric roller doors.

The leading edge on a remote control operated roller door should have a safety sensor system that stops when obstructed at ANY point during closing and many roller doors are supplied with infra red beams instead and these are not compliant. Regulations do go further when the door may be near to a public highway or path for example or if the door is not particularly high and the moving roll can be easily reached by a person but these cases are dealt with on an individual basis.

However all this adds to the price and it is all too easy to miss them out for the sake of cost saving. When comparing prices also be aware of the installation costs and expertise of the company or person carrying out the work. Higher quality garage doors and electric operators nowadays have good guarantees but they are not worth a thing if the installation is not carried out correctly or worse still if the company installing the door is not about after a few months or years. You could end up with unexpected large bills if you have a problem as your contract is with the person or company you purchased the door from originally and this is all too easily brushed over.

For accurate prices on any type of garage door we invite you to either call us directly with some rough sizes and requirements and we can recommend and guide you through the options or alternatively you can fill in one of our online forms and preferably attach a photo or two and we can get you price options within a day or so.

Whatever you choose to do just remember you are best to only do this once so check out the company and products carefully if you value your investment in a new garage door.

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