Four Huge Benefits of Side Hinged Garage Doors

Thinking of investing in a pair of side hinged garage doors, or not quite sure which garage door type is best for you? Well, he's four simple reasons why side hinged doors can be an excellent choice for your home and garage

1) Modern Technologies

STEEL Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side hinged doors offer a traditional operating mechanism, making them perfect for those with more traditional homes and garages. Despite this, there are now various modern options in regards to materials, with manufacturers such as Carteck, Ryterna and Hormann constructing steel side hinged doors that boast great levels of insulation and security, two factors that are frequently required.

Our range of steel side hinged doors consist of both insulated and non-insulated options, with locking upgrades on certain models also available.

Orange Side Hinged door by Ryterna


TIMBER Side Hinged Garage Doors

Gone are the days where your timber garage door is likely to quickly rot and warp. We offer a number of timber species that are coated with treatments that enhance durability, with the new and innovative Accoya species available too. Accoya is a type of timber that undergoes the acetylation process, adding an extra 10 years to its life, offering excellent strength, performance and making it perfect for painting.

Find out more about Accoya here >

2) Easy Pedestrian Access

Do you frequently access your garage on foot as well as in your vehicle? The mechanism of side hinged doors means that only one of the two door leaves needs to be opened when pedestrian entry is required, rather than entirety of the garage door. Not only does this offer great convenience, but it reduces the amount of heat lost during use, as well as maintaining a level of privacy as the whole garage is not opened up for your neighbours to see!

3) Great Customisation

In terms of practicality, one of the greatest choices available to you is the placement of the door leaves. Whether you want them to be manufactured in the traditional formation, or require a smaller door in the form of a 2/3 placement, our bespoke services allow for either.

Huge selection of RAL colours available

The customisation of appearance is extensive, with a huge array of colours available from the manufacturers, as well was various surface textures, woodgrain finishes, panel designs and handles. Plus, our bespoke services allow for customers to add stainless steel embellishments of various patterns, with the opportunity to even create your very own design!

4) Different Materials

If you're looking for the best levels of insulation and security available for side hinged garage doors, steel is the ultimate choice of material due to the door leaf options available. Hormann, Ryterna and Carteck all offer side hinged doors with a door leaf thickness of at least 40mm; these leaves consist of PU foam-filled panels, offering great insulation and in-turn, more durable and secure doors.

Accoya Side Hinged Doors by Woodrite

If you're the owner of a more traditional property, it is likely that timber is a more desirable material due to its classic warmth and appearance. We are able to offer an excellent range of designs in various timber species via the traditional craftmanship of Woodrite, including cedarwood, idigbo, oak and the highly innovative and sustainable Accoya.


If you're considering purchasing a side hinged garage door, take a look at our range in the Product Catalogue here >

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