Control your roller garage door with your Iphone?

How would you like to control your electric garage door from your mobile phone?

As from February 1st this will be possible and will open up control to may other items too. SWS UK are launching their latest upgrade to their world renowned Seceuroglide roller garage door with a new control system, a new safety edge sensor, a new improved locking system, new transmitters with a choice when ordering and the option of high quality low voltage LED lighting to the outside or inside of your brand new roller garage door. Hormann also have released an LED lighting system into the UK but their smartphone control system is not available until the Autumn of 2013.

What does this mean in reality?

Well it means the very best insulated aluminium roller garage door in the UK has just launched itself firmly into the new age of smart phone, tablet and laptop controlled applications for your home giving you more control without having dozens of remote control transmitters laying around your home and car. The Seceurosense internal control board has the ability to switch lighting, control your door and even text back to you with the optional GSM system also available enabling remote control of your door via text with feedback from the system informing you of the current position of your door whilst performing a systems check too.

Is this all too much you ask?

Not really if you consider as soon as 4G is available and fibre optic broadband arrives in most parts of the UK we will have super fast access to all kinds of possibilities and the one item we all tend to have on us or nearby is our mobile phone. We think this really is the way forward in electric garage door control as well as lighting, patio awnings, electric gates, blinds and other automated home products. Think carefully about how you would like to operate your new electric garage door or electric gate from now as there are so many possibilities available even without smart phone control but the trouble is most people don't give it enough thought and with a reasonable sized family household the ability to maintain control and security throughout the home quite often will depend on some simple and reliable access control accessories all tried and tested for years for peace of mind in daily use.

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