Case Study: Golden Oak SeceuroGlide Original Roller Garage Door Installation

Case Study: Golden Oak SeceuroGlide Original Roller Garage Door Installation

Our skilful team, consisting of professional garage door experts, is dedicated to specifying and installing only the very best roller garage doors. With lots of options available on the market, it is our duty to ensure the perfect fit for every application, with high quality products, parts and installation. This is something we continually achieve with our fully certified, knowledgeable engineers.

And that's exactly what we've done here! This is one of our recent SeceuroGlide Original roller garage door installations.

Our bespoke services have allowed for this outstanding roller garage door to be fitted between the opening, fully trimmed, including the flawless archway, in Golden Oak uPVC by our in-house installation engineers. Each slat is 78.5mm twin walled with an aluminium profile, offering a level of insulation for the garage.

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Flawless Appearance

This impeccable aesthetic has been achieved with the Golden Oak woodgrain texture, which is more hardwearing than the powder coating option, and is impressively equipped with a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee. It gives this roller door the appearance of being made from real timber, bringing a real warmth and authentic feel to the garage!

These woodgrain timber effect finishes are available in Mahogany, Rosewood, Black, Brown, Golden Oak or White. This type of surface is especially recommended for harsh environments, such as coastal locations. It also provides more than the standard lifespan of these high-quality roller doors, providing further peace of mind.

Electric Operation

The model itself is the SeceuroGlide Original, manufactured here in the UK. The Classic comes with electric operation as standard, with two handsets for ease of use so the door can be opened at the press of a button! This also includes an LED light on the control box, internal manual override as well as the all-important safety features.

Modern technologies allow for the door's operation to be integrated with a smart home system, allowing your door to be opened and closed from an app on your smartphone! 

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