Case Study: A Round the Corner Garage Door Installation

A Rundum Meir Original side sliding garage door was installed as part of a major project adding elegant, timeless beauty to a newly refurbished luxury home.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done in this installation!


The objective of this project was to install a round the corner garage door that met the customer specifications, provided secure access to the garage and integrated seamlessly with the overall aesthetics of the house. The survey was done on the building in November 2022 and the customer placed an order with us the following January. The lead time was approximately 12 weeks and the installation was completed in April 2023.

The main challenge for this project was the headroom.  With only 130mm available the obvious solution was a round the corner door. Unlike other garage doors, a round the corner door can require as little as 50mm headroom – perfect for this situation. Panels are inserted on top-hung rollers and guided through floor tracks to follow the internal wall, the ideal option in garages where other door styles may not be viable.

Round the corner door garage door


Before installation our surveyor conducted a thorough assessment of the garage to ensure it met the necessary requirements for fitting this style of door, advising the customer of various options and the best location to install the socket required for the electric operator.

In collaboration with the customer, The Garage Door Centre perfected the design of this bespoke Rundum Meir door, allowing for multiple remote controls for the automatic operating system. The garage door, measuring 3130mm wide x 2200mm high, was carefully installed by our qualified engineers, ensuring perfect alignment and smooth functionality.


The appearance of the door was a major factor for the project, and The Garage Door Centre was able to meet the high standard required by offering colour consistency (spruce translucent range number 4 J235T Billinga) on both the exterior and interior of the tongue and grooved superior spruce panels. The attention to detail, high quality product and efficient installation process left our customer thrilled with the end result.

Round the corner Rundum Meir door

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