Sectional Doors

Sectional garage doors are fast becoming one of the most popular and practical choices for a safe, very secure and easy to use versatile garage door system in the UK. Available from various manufacturers they are produced in sizes up to 6500mm wide and 3000mm high for domestic use and much larger sizes for commercial applications in warehouses, factories, distribution depots and others They are called sectional doors because they operate in seperated individual horizontal panel sections, opening and closing vertically in tracks without any swing out from the structural opening and tracking mechanism at all. Because of this operation almost any shape of structural opening can be accomodated, i.e. arched, angled corners, etc.

The construction of a sectional door with rollers on either side of each panel and panels available in 20 - 45mm thick double skinned steel sections give it enormous strength and therefore with a good lock or a high quality electric operator, very good security, a factor most people require in garage doors these days. Most manufacturers of sectional doors provide rubber seals to the top, sides and bottom of the door as standard which combined with the operational action offer perfect protection from the elements. The bottom seal will only provide full , effective sealing if the floor is level however, a fact often overlooked.

The insulation and sealing properties are excellent compared to any other type of door due to the combination of the rubber seals and the double skinned panels (foam filled) helping to reduce the heating costs in many homes with integral garages and certainly helping in commercial and industrial premises where the doors are used frequently and are often very large.

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