Cardale and Henderson Garage Doors No More

April 2010 BRP Group - comprising Steelline, Cardale, Wessex and Henderson

Due to the manufacturers of these garage doors going into administration for the second time in less than 9 months, products from this group are, in the main, unavailable for sale. We are informed that some may become available shortly due to part of the manufacturing plant being purchased by a currently undisclosed third party.
However, our experiences during the last 9 months have raised serious doubts about the long term warranty details and quality aspects of these garage doors and therefore we will no longer be offering them as part of our range.
This should not cause concern to any existing customers as there are many alternative options, most of superior quality, from manufacturers such Hormann, Garador, SWS, Carteck, Cotswold GRP and Rundum Meir, all of which are companies that have traded for many years producing only quality products to the very latest standards required and offer excellent warranty and after sales support.
If you have any ongoing concerns and queries please contact us or email us directly.
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