Case Study: Bespoke Hormann Sectional Door With Pedestrian Access

The Garage Door Centre, with more than 35 year experience in the industry, is committed to specifying and installing only and the very best garage doors. To stand out from the market, it is our duty to ensure the perfect fit for every application, with high quality products and the best service. This is something we continually achieve with our knowledgeable experts and fully certified engineers.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done in this installation!


In April 2021, a customer approached The Garage Door Centre with a requirement for a customised garage door that would suit their specific needs. They have an opening 6800mm wide with a long staircase inside and were looking for a garage door as well as personnel entrance. Our experts were examining and suggested an original dimension which includes a 4000mm x 2355mm sectional door, a 1060mm x 1060mm entrance door and a 1540mm x 2355mm sectional dummy door from Hormann. However, the project was not without its challenges, and it took six months to complete the design to meet all of the customer's requirements.

Garage Door with entrance door Hormann


The hardest part in this project was that we need to customize the design to meet the customer's specific requirements. After some customer's feedbacks, the initial survey was changed several times, which caused some small delays for the whole project.  After 6 weeks from the initial quote, the requests were made to change to enlarge the dummy door and narrow the main sectional one. It required our consultants to discuss with the customer's builders and provide a new drawing to ensure that the right size and place were cited for the final design.


Luckily, we successfully managed to change the ordering size of the door with Hormann manufacturers with minimal delay. The installation was carried out in May 2022 and became one of our most prestigious projects so far. The elegant door appearance and a silky-smooth surface finish in RAL 7016 creates a contemporary and modern look for the property. Also, the pedestrian Hormann insulated NT69 door allows customers access their garage easily without losing modern function and classic architecture. 

Behind the sectional door with entrance door

No matter how unique your garage door project may be, give us a shout if you need a bespoke solution. Our experienced team would be happy to discover more what you need.  Contact us at 01933 229135 or email: You also can fill out our online contact form by clicking here >

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