Glass Garage Doors, are they Possible?

There is an increasing demand for 'glass garage doors', and now it is possible to have either real glass or the more traditional acrylic panes as used for many years.

What are the possibilities?

If you search on the internet today for a glass garage door you will probably see mostly the same images - a generic sectional type garage door manufactured from aluminium sections with varying sizes of glazing inserts. These will be polycarbonate, or maybe glass if the manufacturer is in a country where it is possible to place glass above people's heads within the construction laws. Most of the images you will see on the internet at present will be American sectional type doors. Here in the UK of course, and in most of Europe, you can have a toughened acrylic in twin or triple sheet construction to create a 'glass garage door' effect. The use of glass in any doors is subject to some stringent regulations in this country, and therefore in a large garage door to use the kind of specification of glass as required would be far too heavy and onerous in daily use.

Glass Garage Door Options in the UK

In the UK right now there are two ways to get what could be described as a glass garage door - One is to use commercial sectional door systems and have one of the various glazing section options (ALRF42 and the Vitraplan door from Hormann as one example) and the other is to have the Silvelox Securlap trackless sectional door and have the panels in mainly glazing sections with a border framework.

Hormann ALR F42

The door shown below is one of the Hormann ALRF42 Vitraplan sectional doors with very clever glazing overlapping the aluminium frame structure of the sectional door panels to create a more seamless look to the glazing which is available in this smoked effect. This door is available purpose made to order and in some very large sizes as it is based on the mechanism of a commercial sectional door in the first place.

The high quality glazing is the Hormann 'Duratec' toughened polycarbonate available in various thicknesses and finishes for your personal preference. For the standard ALRF42 you can have real glass in double glazed sections but always with an aluminium frame border, not as the Vitraplan showing below.

Glass Garage Door

Silvelox Securlap

The garage door showing below here is one of the Silvelox Securlap trackless sectional doors manufactured by Silvelox, an Italian based company producing specially bespoke garage doors.

This 'Overlap' type door uses a counterbalance weight system to lift 2 solid panels vertically without any internal tracking whatsoever and does appeal to many customers with vaulted or high ceilings in their garage or anybody who simply does not like tracking or wants the cleanest look possible inside their garage. The doors are made to order in 50mm increments and are constructed using high quality timber or steel as the basis for the framework.

Silvelox Securlap with Glass Inserts

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