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Aluminium is generally a very good material to produce various sizes and profile designs of roller door slats that give an edge over steel products that are roll formed and not as versatile, also of course, aluminium does not rust! The development of these shutters into garage doors was a relatively logical process using large enough slats, generally twin walled and foam filled (hence the added insulation) to give a strong but quite lightweight curtain used to form roller garage doors up to about 16 feet wide (4877mm). The real serious development had to come from the overall control of these types of garage doors using hand held remote controls, user friendly internal controls and most importantly safety devices to ensure complete peace of mind, especially considering the large sizes that were produced. As the motor units for these roller doors were of a 'barrel type' internally fitted inside the central barrel that the curtain wound onto they did not have the traditional safety devices available on externally fitted motor units. With this in mind and following very clear and strict guidelines on how these roller type doors should react when obstructed it is now compulsory to have a leading edge safety sensor device to stop the door when an obstruction is met, preferably reversing the curtain as well.

Aluminium Roller Garage Door Close Up

SWS were one of the first companies in the UK to fully develop the aluminium roller garage door and still have one of the market leading products with their Seceuroglide range. many others have followed since and all have various quirks even though they may well all look pretty similar. Having this type of roller door rather than a cheaper single skin steel roller door will give many benefits, mainly in security, sealing and insulation properties. Do beware of some of the cheaper constructed versions on aluminium roller shutter doors however as cheap, flimsy internal components will have a potentially very short life span and be very costly to repair once installed. We have seen a marked increase in manufacturers of these types of roller doors over the last 5 years as in principal they can be made to almost any size and fit almost any opening, inside the garage or even outside, therefore they are a good garage door type to advertise and easy for companies to sell as they are all generally made to measure. This gives the average sale person an easy sell to a consumer as he will know it will always fit once sold, even if he is not the one to do the professional survey.

Aluminium Insulated Roller Shutter Garage Door

Make sure the door is CE compliant, fully guaranteed, and has all the features you require from the door, there is no need to comprimise these days with all the technology available so do not be sold something that falls short of your original requirements just because it is a 'good price'. We supply many types of aluminium roller shutters and they are always fully CE compliant and manufactures by established, professional companies with many years of experience. For further information on roller doors and all other types please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our consultants.

Aluminium Roller Door Slat
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