4 Things to Check When Buying A Garage Door

Check out your measurements.

If you are asked to supply measurements do ensure that you know exactly what you are measuring. Is it the existing door panel, is the brick work opening? Any reputable company will guide you through this. If it is a company local to where you live they should offer a free surveying service. If you have found a company through the internet then there should be a downloadable pdf of a survey form to help you ascertain accurate measurements. And - PLEASE - do make sure that the measurements you provide are accurate. A few millimetres out will make the difference between a garage door fitting or not.

Check the position that your new door will be fitted in.

Don't assume that your new door will be installed in exactly the same position as your old door. Remember - a simple rule of thumb - if you are gaining depth in your garage then the new door must be fitted further forward than the original door. On the other hand, if you are gaining height it may be due to the new door type - if you are replacing an up and over door with a sectional door or roller shutter then you will inevitably gain drive through height. However if you are replacing like for like and gaining drive through height - check the fitting position. Does it matter if the fitting position is different? Well it certainly will if your garage is suddenly too short to fit you car in. And if your new door is fitted in a different position to your old door you are likely to be left with some pretty shabby brickwork which leads us to something else you need to think about.

Check out what finishing will be needed to the garage.

If you are having a replacement garage door do establish at the beginning who will be responsible for making good the final appearance of the garage. Check out whether existing soffits might be affected when taking out the garage door. Should there be damage, who will be responsible for the replacement? Agree who will cover the brickwork where the existing frame was fitted which is sure to be fairly scruffy. Decide what will be used - pvc architrave, timber profile etc. If the garage that the frame is being fitted to is constructed of fairly random stonework there will uneven gaps unless the timber frame is scribed in. How will these gaps be dealt with? Silicone, scribed timber architrave? Make sure that you do agree in advance exactly who will do what and what materials will be used; there is little worse than spending lots of money and not being happy with the finished item.

Check out your supplier

When selecting your supplier don't be tempted to go with the lowest price without considering their reliability and reputation. This is especially important if you have sourced your supplier through the internet. You really do need to know how long they have been trading and whether they have established premises. So many companies have started up with just a web site to front them and with little or no trading history. It is vastly preferable to buy from a reputable company that has the relevant experience and who you know are not going to disappear over night if you have a problem. If you are using a company that you have found on the internet check out just how transparent they are. It should be easy to find their address and telephone numbers. The registered company name and number should appear. If you have to search for addresses or telephone numbers be very cautious. Do call the telephone numbers to check they are correct and that you actually get to speak to someone not just a machine. Accessibility is vitally important. If the company is providing you with an installation service then do make sure that the written contract states exactly what they are responsible for. Also check out the installation warranty period. And make sure that they take the old door and associated rubbish with them. Lead times - be suspicious if you get differing stories. For example if three companies tell you it will be 6 weeks lead times and another company quotes 2 weeks for exactly the same door from the same manufacturer you should definitely ask how they will achieve that delivery time. Chances are they may be 'winging it'!

Never be afraid to ask questions - if the supplier is genuine they will be delighted to speak to you and give you all the information you seek.

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