10 Good Reasons to Buy a GRP Garage Door

10 Reasons to buy a GRP Garage Door


1 Spoilt for choice

The Wessex range of G.R.P. up and over garage doors extends across contemporary and classic styles and offers the widest choice anywhere.

2 Deep, deep profiles

Compare G.R.P. door profiles with other materials and nothing comes close for depth or detail.

3 Shiny, shiny

The quality of finish on Wessex gloss white G.R.P. up and over and sectional Garage doors is crisp and defined.

4 Better than the real thing

The reproduction of woodgrain detail in a G.R.P. Garage door is quite something. Whilst our doors look like timber you won't find they rot, warp, shrink or split... ...often the fate of uncared for timber.

5 The colourful choice

The Wessex range of hand finished G.R.P. garage doors is available in woodtones unmatched for quality. All the warmth and richness of timber but without the upkeep

6 Made to measure... no charge

Made to measure sizes in the Wessex range of hand finished G.R.P. garage doors are available at no extra charge. Craftsman built, outstanding value

7 Made to match

Matching G.R.P. frames are available for all Wessex hand finished G.R.P. garage doors for a fully coordinated, low maintenance solution.

8 Effortless

All Wessex hand finished G.R.P. garage doors are fully finished and require no maintenance to retain their good looks other than an occasional wipe down... All the appeal, none of the effort!

9 Doors with impact

We've all done it - misjudged our parking and nudged the garage door or had "budding" David Beckham's use the garage door as a target for that curving free kick... With most garage doors the result is a permanent reminder - an unsightly dent. With a GRP garage door the effect is more likely to be no effect at all! You can see for yourself with our new impact test movie

10 Beside the seaside

Not only is G.R.P. tough, it is also excellent at resisting the ravages of the weather, even in coastal locations... Wessex Garage Doors produce a very comprehensive range of traditional up and over doors, GRP sectional doors and now a superb range of prehung GRP side hinged doors complete with maintenance free plastic coated steel sub frames for fixing.

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