The Benefits of a Secure Pedestrian Garage Side Door

By Nathan Dove | January 14, 2015

We sell hundreds of various types of garage doors all year round and yet little attention is paid to any other access door into the garage but there are many options available

For many years now we have had a range of pedestrian access side doors available for general use as a separate garage entrance, workshop door, outbuilding door or other general use. Why is there not more emphasis on the benefits of these superb steel doors?
One of the reasons has been the majority of higher level security garage doors sold in the UK are manufactured in Germany and the only option for many years for a side door has been a door with a ‘corner frame’ system. This corner frame system is not readily accepted in the UK due to our different building methods and habits, a steel L shaped frame which is fitted either to the outside or inside corner of a structural opening does not readily fit in with a British built property without a lot of consultation before hand. Because of the low volumes sold in the UK previously the European manufactured doors would not adapt as there was no need to as the main market was only mainland Europe.

In the UK we are used to a ‘block frame’ type system where the pedestrian door and fixing frame are all fitted in-between the structural opening, and this is what the British construction industry is used to, especially in terms of sizes and how a bottom sill is incorporated into the build.
The majority of major manufacturers of pedestrian doors now (2015) do offer a block frame, UK friendly system as standard, and everything starts to make more sense all round. When a garage door size is discussed the structural opening size  will not necessarily be the ordering size where as with a pedestrian side door it is more common to quote the required order size and this is also the size of the door and sub frame combined, and it something like this that makes all the difference in being able to easily communicate prices and specifications to anyone.
We can offer a vast range of pedestrian doors now and they are generally all supplied with the sub frame, hinges, handles and other options all factory fitted and ready to go. We offer single skin steel doors by Garador for a simple low priced fully finished side door in a range of colours, double skinned insulated pedestrian doors by Hormann to match the vast range of sectional garage doors and double skinned side doors by Carteck to do the same.

This year we see the release of the KSi Thermo door and the MZ Thermo door, 2 ranges of side doors specifically designed for general use and both offering high levels of security and insulation in a wide range of colours and sizes.

Multi Purpose Hormann Doors

Hormann MZ Thermo multi purpose pedestrian door

We do display these doors in our Northamptonshire showroom and it is well worth thinking of the side door if you are concerned about your garage door and good levels of security, insulation and general weather sealing against the elements.

Call now for full details on all our pedestrian side doors on (01933) 229135

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