What Makes a Safe Electric Roller Garage Door? - 0

By admin | March 20, 2014

The DHF have issued a further document to try to clear this question up even further.
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The Benefits of Wind Tested Doors - 0

By admin | February 13, 2014

We would hope it has become quite apparent over the last few weeks why you would be wise to only consider a door pre tested to a minimum wind speed standard?
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Hormann Entrance Doors Explained in Brief - 0

By admin | January 13, 2014

What are the main differences between the Thermopro steel doors and the aluminium doors from Hormann?
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What Doors are Available Insulated? - 0

By admin | November 29, 2013

The Garage Door Centre has always specialised in insulated garage doors and entrance/side doors and the term ‘insulated’ is often very loosely used in the door industry to describe a product and it is important to measure expectations properly. To get proper levels of useful insulation in any door does require some careful thought as to the installation position and peripheral items to ensure the very best seal within the structural opening. A double skinned panel section may not result in a suitable level of insulation once installed if the installation is not correct.

With Northern Europe going ‘Eco Friendly’ mad the internal garage space and surrounding area is no exception, especially of course when it is an integral garage with either a room above, to the side, or behind it. A lot of heat can be lost from the house with a single skinned steel garage door with no sealing to the sides and bottom during the winter. Apart from this we find ever increasing numbers of householders using their garage for anything but a vehicle. Offices, gymnasiums, games rooms, workshops and just general storage of many higher value items all included.

What Types of Insulated Garage Doors are Available?
There are many different types of mechanisms providing garage doors with medium to high levels of insulation. The 5 main types are set out below with the addition of our hugely successful entrance door range either in aluminium or steel, both offering very high levels of security and insulation with some incredible designs and finishes.

Sectional Garage Doors
Vertically rising insulated steel panels where the panels operate behind a heavily weathersealed framework to provide one of the highest levels of insulation for any of the garage doors currently in the UK. Hormann also now offer a ‘Thermoframe’ kit to further enhance the insulation at the sides and top of the door when closed. The door panels will be generally made from either 20mm or 40-45mm thick double skinned steel sections with a foam central core. Of course by their nature these doors are also very strong and secure, another desireable feature for any door!
Hormann, Garador and Carteck offer the best in insulated domestic sectional doors.

Aluminium Roller Doors
Vertically rising roller doors have some of the same properties as the sectional door with the built in weatherseals in the tracks but the insulation levels cannot ever be as high as each slat is pivoted to the next slat and there are many slats so the installed U value is always going to be comprimised in a roller door. There are some semi commercial insulated roller doors that do offer higher levels of insulation and security too, take a look at the Hormann SB for example as one option.

Round the Corner Doors
2 types of round the corner generally exist, side sectional doors and round the corner doors produced from the same sort of slats as the insulated roller door. The side sectional will have nearly the same levels of insulation as the vertically rising sectional with the weak poinr perhaps being the bottom tracking section where gaps must exist to allow the door to operate. The slatted RTC door will suffer from the same small weaknesses as the roller door but still offer good levels of insulation. See the Hormann HST for insulated side sectional doors.

Side Hinged Doors
A little gem of a garage door system is the Carteck insulated side hinged door range offering 42mm double skinned steel panels with a double rebated leaf and frame with built in seals. This type of traditional door system is particularly appealing to most as it also tackles the pedestrian entrance requirements with ease and also offers the option on some models of a 1/3rd and 2/3rd split rather than a 50/50 split.
Side hinged doors don’t generally spring to mind as an ideal insulated door option but properly specified with a suitable threshold seal system they can be the perfect answer for many garages.

Domina – Trackless Sectional Up and Over
The Domina is a totally unique vertically rising garage door but without any internal tracking at all. The door splits across the middle and one panel will rise to sit neatly underneath the other. The door panels are constructed from double skinned timber or steel panels at 75mm thick with a honeycomb core filling. Rubber seals are fitted all around the door and frame and inbetween the 2 panels offering high levels of insulation combined with the double skinned panels. Take a look at the Domina on our information page >

Front Entrance Doors
We specialise in the superb Hormann Thermopro steel and the TOP Prestige aluminium entrance doors. Both these ranges offer some of the highest levels of insulation of any entrance door available in the UK. With door panel thickness ranging from 46mm to 100mm these doors not only provide excellent heat and sound insulation but are also amongst the most secure.
Thermopro range >      TOP Prestige range >

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The Benefits of Side Hinged Doors - 0

By admin | October 28, 2013

With all the advances in various garage door mechanisms and technology why do the side hinged doors remain so popular?
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Is the Domina Overlap the Perfect Garage Door? - 0

By admin | August 5, 2013

The Domina is described as a trackless sectional garage door and that may be the clue to its attraction.
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What is the Ideal Garage Door Size? - 0

By admin | July 18, 2013

What is the ideal garage door size when there are no restrictions in construction?
The same query is raised several times every day – The ideal standard garage door sizes when planning and building a new garage?  The straightforward answer when there are no restrictions is probably about 8 feet (2438mm) wide for a single car garage and 16 feet (4877mm) wide for a double car garage with obviously more width once you are inside the actual garage. For so many years it has been 7 feet (1134mm) and 14 feet (4267mm) wide, and this simply is not wide enough for most modern cars and certainly does not usually give enough space internally to get in and out of your car with ease.

The usual standard height specified will be about 7 feet (2134mm) but again in many cases now more height is required for higher 4 x 4 vehicles and the drive through height is almost never going to be the same as the ordering height for garage doors – so look out and be aware of this!!
The trouble with answering this basic question about the ideal size is that it does so much depend on the garage door type preferred. They all have different requirements for the actual structural opening required and it also depends on where the garage door and sub fixing frame is being fitted – Inbetween or on behind the structural opening.

So many of the garage doors we provide now can be made to order at very little extra cost so a proper consultation with a garage door expert can ensure you do not have a totally unusable garage once constructed. Why should you compromise when most descent garage doors will tend to last well over 15-20 years, get it right the first time around!!

Our General Recommendations
A roller shutter or sectional garage door is definitely one of the best door types when fitted to the inside face of any opening to maximise the width and height when open and is by far the easiest place to install the door and gear as well. They can fit inbetween the opening if required and will have to if you do not have a pier on both sides but always remember to take into account the side guides and track sizes  as well as the headroom required for the specific manufacturer you may prefer.
Most roller and sectional doors can be made to almost any size so unless you are on a tight budget don’t worry too much about the standard sizes you may see for certain manufacturers.

For up and over garage doors the installation position won’t make that much difference and is generally for visual or practical purposes so can fit inbetween or inside (behind) the opening, but of course the size for the opening will be quite different for either of the chosen positions.
It is more difficult to get purpose made up and over garage doors in many of the preferred styles so take a little more care if you are going to fit an up and over door and make sure it is big enough when fully open for your vehicle(s).

Side hinged garage doors nearly always fit inbetween the structural opening so always cater for the door panels and and fixing frame overall sizing when ordering and specifying this type of garage door.
There are standard sized side hinged doors but again it is not too difficult to get purpose made doors especially in timber, GRP and insulated double skinned steel models.

Round the corner garage doors (RTC Doors) will nearly always fit to the inside face of a garage opening as they have to curve around a corner internally, again, to maximise space and give the best possible seal when closed.
This door is one of the most misunderstood of door types as most people think you lose a whole wall in your garage and they are perceived as expensive. The reality is you can build a false stud wall if required for the door to go behind and although some of the timber versions can indeed be expensive take a look at the steel and aluminium versions and on larger sizes these RTC doors will come into their own on the pricing compared to other garage door types, so, always worth having a look.
All round the corner garage doors are purpose made in sizing so again find out the internal requirements first and then go for the size you really want all along.

Very Large Garage Door Sizes
With modern materials and construction methods as well as modern operating mechanisms it is very easy now to specify garage doors up to 8 metres wide and 3 metres high if required all using adapted commercial gearing for strength and safety. We are often supplying sectional and round the corner door at 6 – 7 metres wide as many customers are getting the point that if you have the space then why not make life easy for yourself and avoid any possibility of car door damage or personal injury through having to perform difficult movements to get in and out of your vehicle!

Please make sure you are fully aware of your car width and height when thinking of a new build garage or even replacing an existing door as the construction and architectural world does seem to still be stuck several years out of date in many cases specifying garage door sizes for motor vehicles built in the 70’s and 80’s. They generally have got a lot wider, taller and longer since then!!
Door manufacturers may have larger doors available but the market still seems to steer people towards the smaller 7 feet and 14 feet wide doors, mainly it seems for an optimum price offering, however no matter how little you pay for your ‘standard’ garage door it really is of no use to you if you cannot get your car in and out or keep banging your head on it!

For replacement garage doors where you are already struggling with the drive through sizes, if your existing door is fitted inbetween the structural opening then you may only have to consider the options of doors fitting behind the opening and install a larger width and height door. We have been doing this for many years just for that very reason.

We have tried in as many parts of our website (www.thegaragedoorcentre.co.uk) to explain the parameters and sizes of most of the garage doors available and how the mechanisms differ in their requirements but as we find most of the time the quickest and easiest way to get the information and details you require is to pick up the phone and speak to one of our sales team. Getting a garage built that you then find is not able to take your car is quite upsetting, we know, we see the people who do it fairly regularly!   Call us on (01933) 229135

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Roller Garage Door or Sectional?- the debate continues - 0

By admin | January 26, 2013

So very often we are asked to make a judgement on whether the roller or sectional garage door is the best for a replacement garage door. The trouble is now with huge advances in technology, especially in the colours and finishes of both doors the decision gets even more difficult.
Certainly the roller garage door will fit into many more garage openings than the sectional as it just has the roll to accommodate where the sectional door has the tracking system internally quite often spoiled by the presence of internal beams or brick piers making the installation impractical.
What about price? Well the real truth is it seems that a descent quality aluminium roller door pitched against a sectional door will more often than not be a very similar price so no easy decision to be made there then.
Of course we bang on about the perils of cheap electric aluminium roller garage all over our website because the fact is you really do not want to go there! So many roller garage doors are presented on the internet and other places as the best you can buy at some ridiculous headline price but if you really do your research you will almost definitely find the door to be totally non compliant with UK regulations and usually assembled from some very low quality internal components making it a door very likely to simple give up after a very short period of time.
So what about the sectional door? Well actually with a sectional door you can get away with a lot more and in the main the sectional doors sold in the UK are all fairly good to excellent. The best manufacturers by a mile are Hormann, Garador (the same), Carteck and SWS all offering a range of doors usually sold in the 42mm double skinned version in a range of styles, colours and sizes more then enough to cater for nearly all garages out there.
The sectional garage door is a manual door with electric as an option where as the insulated aluminium roller door is primarily built only as an electric door system so that might make a difference.

If you want windows for light in the garage then the sectional door will offer so much more light with an average door only having 4 panels in height where as the roller door will have around 22 individual slats.
For insulation purposes the sectional door wins hands down with some incredible U values offered where the roller door is slightly flawed by the fact it is essentially split into 22 sections.
For security? Both are good with the roller door having ‘secure buy design’ tested options at present and the sectional door does not.
We think the sectional door will catch up shortly with this certification but in reality both are extremely difficult to casually break into. This is of course assuming you compare a decent aluminium roller door as very few have a good locking system as standard.

What do you do?  Take some advise from us after we have all the facts about your garage dimensions. many times it will be aobvious which garage door is better for the purpose but if not then some finer points need discussing to help make the judgement.

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Control your roller garage door with your Iphone? - 0

By admin | January 26, 2013

How would you like to control your electric garage door from your mobile phone?
As from February 1st this will be possible and will open up control to may other items too.
SWS  UK are launching their latest upgrade to their world renowned Seceuroglide roller garage door with a new control system, a new safety edge sensor, a new improved locking system, new transmitters with a choice when ordering and the option of high quality low voltage LED lighting to the outside or inside of your brand new roller garage door.
Hormann also have released an LED lighting system into the UK but their smartphone control system is not available until the Autumn of 2013.

What does this mean in reality? Well it means the very best insulated aluminium roller garage door in the UK  has just launched itself firmly into the new age of smart phone, tablet and laptop controlled applications for your home giving you more control without having dozens of remote control transmitters laying around your home and car.
The Seceurosense internal control board has the ability to switch lighting, control your door and even text back to you with the optional GSM system also available enabling remote control of your door via text with feedback from the system informing you of the current position of your door whilst performing a systems check too.
Is this all too much you ask? Not really if you consider as soon as 4G is available and fibre optic broadband arrives in most parts of the UK we will have super fast access to all kinds of possibilities and the one item we all tend to have on us or nearby is our mobile phone.
We think this really is the way forward in electric garage door control as well as lighting, patio awnings, electric gates, blinds and other automated home products.
Think carefully about how you would like to operate your new electric garage door or electric gate from now as there are so many possibilities available even without smart phone control but the trouble is most people don’t give it enough thought and with a reasonable sized family household the ability to maintain control and security throughout the home quite often will depend on some simple and reliable access control accessories all tried and tested for years for peace of mind in daily use.

Call the experts now on (01933) 229135

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What Electric Garage Door Opener Should I Buy? - 0

By admin | March 23, 2012

Garage door openers have been produced for many years now and like all things mechanical and electronic the technology has leapt forward the last few years. The older electric garage door operators were always 240 volt motors with a heavy duty exposed chain and very basic remote controls using handsets the size of a brick! In fairness many had a ‘belt and braces’ type approach and would lift most doors albeit with a very aggressive tug and then slamming the door shut in the other direction.

Most early electric operators sold in the UK were from the USA as they have a far greater amount of electrically operated garage doors than we do in the UK, mainly due to the doors all being very big so more a necessity.

Fast forward to the 21st century and technology now means we have as standard in any quality European manufactured operator the following features:

  • 24 volt DC motors for quiet and reliable operation
  • Soft start & soft stop during operation to reduce wear & tear on the door mechanism.
  • Sturdy, semi-covered towing booms with nylon, kevlar or quality steel chain drives.
  • Electronic surge sensor technology to detect obstacles and reverse if hit
  • Built in courtesy lighting for lighting the garage on entry
  • Rolling code technology for the radio systems for security
  • Very slim designs requiring only 25-40mm above the door height to install
  • Built in hook latches for added security in the towing arm (Hormann only)

Beyond this basic specification the list of optional extras also available on many of the higher end models is more than most people would ever require including:

  • Digital keypads
  • Electric Keyswitches
  • Security de latch kits for internal locking
  • Card reader systems
  • Finger reader systems
  • Auto timers for closing

So who manufactures these kind of operators? Well there are many european manufacturers and many do offer some or all of the specification mentioned above, however be wary of openers not tried and tested for at least a few years from companies simply trying to copy exisitng manufacturers.

Over the last 25 years we have found the following to be by far the most reliable and best value for money:

All these 5 companies produce operators designed, manufactured and sold by their own facilities with long standing experience in development. They all use the latest technology and safety facilities available and have high quality components.

We are currently assessing many others but it is early days yet to comment too much on reliability and after all reliability is the key to bothering to have a remote control electric opener in the first place.

When you have paid good money for the luxury and convenience of opening your garage door from your car or inside your home the last thing you expect is to have to detach it and lift the door manually because there is a problem with the operator.

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