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By Shannon Challis | January 10, 2019

We have seen the popularity of colour Anthracite Grey (RAL reference 7016) increase rapidly over the past few years, to become the most requested colour other than specific whites, blacks and traditional variations on primary colours.

Anthracite practically conforms with almost any colour scheme and can work wonderfully on old and new properties alike. Anthracite is a chalky and earthy near-black or very dark grey. Anthracite itself is a form of coal used in thermal power stations for generating electricity.

Anthracite front door and garage door

Matching Anthracite Sectional & Entrance Doors

The Rise of Anthracite Grey

Many years ago I was asked to supply a large awning for a client and it had to be a fast delivery. When checking with some manufacturers, one of the leading companies at the time had the size we required in stock, but in this new, and unheard of, anthracite grey. Reluctantly the client accepted the offer for this and the awning was delivered and installed… and the result was amazing.

The awning was installed onto an old refurbished barn conversion with a lot of natural timber and stonework in the scheme, so a modern grey didn’t seem like a great option, but how we were amazed by the result!! It really was a turning point and highlighted how this mid to dark grey finish could work with anything and was to soon become a default option on so many building projects for door, windows, gates and awning cassettes.

Anthracite roller shutter and side hinged garage doors

Bespoke Hormann Rollmatic & Ryterna Side Hinged Doors in Anthracite

Why Does it Work so Well?

  • RAL 7016 is an extremely useful grey tone that blends incredibly well with nearly all building materials (brickwork, painted render, wood cladding, steelwork, natural stone etc.)
  • RAL 7016 is very unobtrusive when compared with White. It prevents window and door frames from standing out aesthetically and diminishing the overall visual impact of a new extension, large door or framework.
  • RAL 7016 has an exceptionally low maintenance necessity – its obscure colour is very forgiving to any grime or dirt deposits that may build up over time – quite unlike white, which only really looks its best when clean.

As a result of these facts, the colour has transformed the modern industry and Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) has developed into one of the most specified powder coating colours for entrance doors, garage doors and many of our outdoor living products, including veranda framework, awnings and canopy systems.

Anthracite Hormann sectional garage door

Hormann M-Ribbed Sectional in Anthracite

This increase in recent years has led most powder coating suppliers to make it a stock item. Firmly recognised as an architect’s top choice, RAL 7016 is spread far and wide, being used in the latest retail parks, new build homes, to hotel and restaurant facades, schools and city centre developments. Its reputation has become widely accepted.

Anthracite Grey is the perfect door colour for a modern abode. But don’t be put off if you live in a traditional property because this colour can add a contemporary twist to any home.   It’s such a versatile colour that it has become our most popular colour choice by far. Many manufacturers of entrance doors and garage doors also offer a textured paint version of anthracite which is not a RAL 7016 match, but a metallic or textured version that is similar to this grey colour, whilst also offering a tougher finish. Laminate foil options are also available, with minor variations on the colour.

Why is Grey the new Black?

Grey is a neutral colour that sits halfway between black and white, and so it’s significantly easy to pair it with a contrast.  Not only does Anthracite Grey look great with a matching frame, it also works really well with a different colour like French Grey or White.

To enhance your garage or entrance door style and colour further, try adding a whole range of stainless steel handle and embellishment feature options, contemporary glass inserts, as well as windows with sand blasted or other effects for a truly beautiful finish.

See the beauty of Anthracite for yourself in our Showroom >

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The Perfect Garage Door for the Perfect Garage? - 0

By Shannon Challis | October 29, 2018

Over the 32 years we have been selling and installing various garage doors, the one single thing that so many people tend comment on is the internal tracking mechanism required by so many garage door types, particularly on larger width doors.

Imagine a one piece up & over garage door which has no tracks whatsoever, even at a huge 6m wide! No tracks and no central boom for the electric motor drive. The door can be manual or electrically operated in all sizes because this door operates via a counterbalanced system that uses widths either side to effortlessly lift the door during opening.

This is the same basic principal used in a lift system, which operates by raising the weight with a counterweight, cable and roller system. Smooth, effortless operation is achieved without ever having to concern yourself with a spring being tensioned properly. This is the Silvelox D_Met.

The Differences from Traditional Garage Doors…

For any traditional one piece up & over garage door over 8 feet wide, there are two horizontal tracks running into the garage that are the same length as the door height.
For any sectional type door, there are again two horizontal tracks, often double the size, coming into the garage, usually 400-600mm longer than the door height. Round the corner doors require a full length tracking system coming into the garage.

Plus, if these doors are electrically operated, they would also require a long track system for the electric operator, so effectively a third track right down the middle or to the side would also be installed.

This is where and why the Silvelox D_Met up & over is introduced, a unique door system offering the following:

  • Double skinned steel for strength
  •  Insulated double skinned panel, reaching U-Values of up to 0.51 W/m2k
  • Double skinned steel panel for security and durability
  • Purpose made as standard
  • Optional pedestrian door inset into the main door panel for easy access on foot
  • Wide range of high quality standard colours and woodgrain finishes
  • Choice of standard or non-protruding mechanisms
  • Manual or Electric operation

All these unique features and technical advantages have come from a door system designed over 40 years ago with the Silvelox timber door range. The mechanism is a tried and tested system but now with the insulated steel panel available you no longer only have the choice of timber, along with the higher price of a high quality timber door panel.

Take a look at this great door system, because if you are looking to create the perfect garage, you probably won’t want a garage door throwing steel tracks into your internal garage space.

Come and see the benefits and smooth operation of a Silvelox garage door for yourself at our Northamptonshire showroom.

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Case Study: Beautiful Woodrite Up & Over Installation - 0

By Shannon Challis | September 4, 2018

Woodrite garage doors epitomise the beauty and real value of timber, and with every one of our installations they continue to look fantastic.

Our recent installation of the three Woodrite Up & Over doors, photographed below, are manufactured with Idigbo timber – the ultimate choice when it comes to an alternative to Oak!

Woodrite Up & Over Garage Door Installation

Beautiful Woodrite Timber Door Installation

This great installation not only made for a group of happy installers, but also very satisfied customers and owners of three brand new, unbeatable quality garage doors:

“We have recently had three hardwood garage doors installed into a newly built, oak barn style building. The Garage Door Centre, Wellingborough, supplied and installed the doors and were very informative, professional and efficient.

I relied completely on their product knowledge and I am very pleased with the end product. Furthermore, I had shopped around for a competitive quote and they were very competitive, all while delivering the high quality I desired.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Garage Door Centre.

First class.”

Manufactured with Idigbo and in the Grendon design, the door is fully finished in Old Oak, meaning that whilst offering superior properties than Oak timber, they show off exactly the same levels of beauty.


This series of doors proves the substantial and advanced levels of security that can now be achieved with timber garage doors. Having been factory finished and fitted with Hormann Supramatic 3 Bi Secur operators, extra security is added to each of the doors as a result of the additional de latch security kits.

These de latch kits utilise the manual locking for a retractable garage door, and incorporate the movement required to open and close using a sprung mechanical device that is connected to the electric operator. This effectively provides a 3 point locking system, providing higher security and, as can be seen, there are no handles required on the doors, making them even more secure from the outside.

Click here to see how the de-latch kits work >

Plus, the doors were made with steel sub frames and chassis for additional strength and security, whilst the steel box section outer fixing frame had Idigbo timber cloaking added to the front face, meaning it could match perfectly with the door panels.

Quality Finishing

The doors were finished in Old Oak with paint by Teknos, a company who make paint specifically for timber applications. So, as well as looking spectacular, the paint also contributes in minimising discolouration, maximising its durability as well as aiding to protect against mould.

More on Woodrite…

To find out more about the true beauty of Woodrite’s doors, click here >

Alternatively, you can contact a member of our dedicated team on 01933 229135.

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Choosing the Right Roller Garage Door - 0

By Shannon Challis | May 14, 2018

If you are considering having a roller garage door installed, you will quickly come to realise that there are hundreds of companies on the internet claiming they have the best roller shutter garage door either in the UK or the world. One of the main problems initially is that they all look very similar, with the horizontal lines and a lot of the same colours showing on the images you will inevitably scan through.

So, how do you decide on which roller door is best for you?

Cheap Roller Doors

The first thing to realise is that the cheapest roller doors are all cheap for a reason, and that reason is nearly always cheap components, which are more often than not, not up to the job. Therefore, you would be investing in a door that has components, most of which cannot be seen, working together on a door which will typically not last very long before it has failures in various parts. There is a significant number of moving parts in a roller shutter door, and they all have a reasonable amount of stress on them during operation.

Most roller ‘garage doors’ in the UK are manufactured using a 77mm double-skinned, foam-filled aluminium slat, and that slat is very similar on many different brand names. There are in fact some key differences, and these will regard the general aluminium quality and thickness, as well as in the quality of the paint and thickness. Thinner gauge aluminium slats will dent easier, and maybe also wear quicker in the sections that connect each slat. Thinner, lower quality paint will scratch easier and maybe also fade in the sunlight after a while. Deflection of the slats on larger doors can also occur, making the door curtain look very second hand, even if they slats are new are if they are too thin for the size.

Motor Drive

Another key feature used for all electric driven roller doors is the motor drive. Cheap barrel motors will not last too long and may offer bad performance, proving to be slow in operation. Higher quality motors are quieter, smoother and have at least a 5 year guarantee, whilst perhaps also being a fair bit quicker in their closing and opening cycle. Most roller doors have the motor drive internally hidden inside the barrel which the curtain rolls around, but some models have external motors for easier manual override and access, whilst also using different technology for the safety stop mechanism.

Accessories and Controls

The quality of the remote controls and associated control equipment will also be a key factor when choosing, as well as security where the coding for the remote signal can be encoded to ensure it cannot be cloned. Accessories such as LED lighting, alarms and app control can all be catered for in various models.
Getting very popular now are various apps controlling your door through a wi-fi and central radio control home automation system. Somfy are leading the way with this technology embracing as many products as possible through one application on your mobile or tablet.


Security is one of the most requested features when buying a new garage door, however one of the most shocking things to realise is how easy some roller doors can be simply lifted with a little jolt to break or bend the lifting straps on the barrel and curtain. Of course, many higher quality roller doors use various methods of security where the curtain is locked down when closed. This may be a larger barrel and extruded lifting straps, or patented devices holding down the curtain when fully unravelled in the closed position. The Seceuroglide Excel is a leading option for a security roller door.

Some models will have a security rating in the form of a certificate to show the door has been tested and approved by a recognised third party test facility. These doors are either ‘Secured by Design’ or have a European rating certification.


Choice of modern colours, woodgrain laminates and other finishes are important on roller doors when the design is so limited. A carefully chosen colour can enhance a property, as well as making the simple linear design work for and not against the visual appearance. There are however, plenty of colours to choose from – it is possible to have a door almost any colour at all and there are several charts to choose from, with cross references to colour codes from other products on your property.
Make sure the guides and fascia are either co-ordinated or contrasted as suits the property. This is all possible.

The Garage Door Centre Showroom 

When choosing a new roller garage door, perhaps the best thing to do is to actually see a few in operation.  The Garage Door Centre has six working roller doors in our Northamptonshire showroom, and we can demonstrate the subtle differences for real in each one to you.

Come along and see the best roller garage doors available – we have a model to suit every budget.

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7 Things to Watch out for When Ordering Garage Doors on the Internet - 0

By Shannon Challis | November 29, 2017

There’s nothing you can’t buy on the internet today, but garage doors are an investment for your home, so it is of great importance that you are careful when buying them online. Not only should you be careful in selecting which company you are dealing with, you also need to know exactly what you will be receiving and working with the right information.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top things to look out for…

  1. Be aware of overly cheap electric roller shutter doors – you don’t want to be regretting your purchase when the door fails from component failure!

Roller shutter garage doors can all appear to be similar when looking at a photograph in a brochure or online, but it must be remembered that there are numerous small moving components that, if sold cheaply, have been constructed cheaply, meaning it will not long last at all.

Make sure you know the reasons why a product may be being sold at a cheaper price so you are able to make an informed decision regarding the roller shutter’s price and components that are suitable for you.


  1. When dealing and buying from any website, ensure that you always check their address, and that one is actually there… if not, there must be something to hide!

No address? Do not deal! This lack of identity should immediately be a warning to you, as a consumer, and make you question the trust this leaves you with the company. Who will your warranty be with, are they a certified dealer for the product you are buying?

Many companies make huge claims about how long they have been trading, family firm for hundreds of years and so on but quite often it is just made up. Dig deeper and find out for sure.


  1. Watch out for eBay offers… they are never quite as they seem unless there is a specific offer for a unique branded product that is in stock and as described with a fixed price.

Many door products sold on Ebay are not quite what they seem once you drill right down into the exact details, they may fall short on specification which is why they appear cheaper than similar offers online


  1. Very low priced timber garage doors are cheap for one reason only: the timber used is a low quality softwood with excessive knots and a high risk of splitting, meaning it warps and cracks apart quickly.

If you ensure you are investing in a timber door that has had the necessary treatments applied to it and is a good quality species of timber, its durability against weathering and general operations will be considerably greater.

A properly manufactured timber door will last as long as any other material if looked after and sourced correctly in the first place.


  1. Make sure you get the right sizes – many sizes do not necessarily refer to the sizes you think they do!

Many garage doors have factory fitted sub frames and these may or may not be included in the ordering sizes. If you’re unsure, it is always best to ring the company and enquire for assistance – if this service is unavailable, it is again necessary to question their legitimacy and intentions.

Does the person on the other end of the phone truly know their facts?


  1. Get the specification you need as some required parts may not be able to be retrofitted. If in doubt, call the company and discuss the specification to ensure it does what you need it to do with suitable emergency overrides and the like included.

Getting the right product is one thing but getting the right accessories to go with it and make it suitable for the use and environment is another.


  1. Whenever possible, always pay for a factory finishing on timber garage and pedestrian doors as it will be far cheaper than trying to paint or stain the timber door yourself, as well as it giving a better warranty in most cases.

After all, you don’t want your garage door to end up looking like this!

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The Most Secure Types of Garage Doors - 0

By Nathan Dove | August 26, 2017

Security is still one of the most requested features when anyone is looking for a replacement garage door. We live in an age unfortunately where police resources are inadequate and people understand more that the prevention of a casual break in to their home or garage needs more attention than before. Any weakness in your perimeter fencing, windows or doors is an opportunity more likely to be taken up than ever before.
There are many claims about security but in most cases it is still pure common sense which shows the best types of garage doors to give the longest resistance to any kind of attempted break in. To prevent the very casual thief then the most obvious advice is to keep your garage door closed and locked as much as possible. In light of this a remote control automatic door is always more likely to be kept closed because it is so easy to do so by simply pressing a button or putting in a code as well as other control devices. Indeed many modern remote control operators now offer the function of auto closing with adjustable time settings so you never have to actually remember if you have or haven’t closed the door as it will close itself.
Another great new function available from a few of the largest specialist manufacturers are smart phone apps which give you control of your garage door from remote locations with 2 way transmission of data to enable the door to tell you it is closed, open or half way. All great is you like that sort of technology but many people do not, so what are the best garage doors for security in manual or automatic specifications?

Secured by Design

A good quality double skinned aluminium roller garage door can be very secure. Something like the SWS Seceuroglide Excel offers a level 1 ‘secured by design’ rating with a certification recognised by the LPCB. The standard SeceuroGlide Classic door is already a very secure roller door with its patented device to hold the roller door curtain firmly down when closed unlike most others but other features such as the webbing used to keep the curtain slats together also makes breaking through the curtain a lot harder than standard roller doors. The quality and strength of the side channels is another factor along with the control board for the remote control system also having the latest technology to foil attempts at operation without the original transmitters. The Securoglide Excel has enhanced sections where forced attempts would be made and as a total package this has enabled the door to gain the security rating it has and all for around £100 more than the standard door!!


The double skinned sectional overhead door is another great example of a garage door which has excellent security simply by the design of the door panels and the way the door operates with a minimum of 5 heavy duty roller either side, encapsulated into steel channels. The fact the sectional door is usually installed behind the brickwork opening means that all the potential places for forcing are not accessible and combined with an electric operator and no manual handle set this can be a very difficult door indeed to even begin to work out how to break through. Security ratings again are possible with for example the Hormann LPU 42 range when fitted with the Hormann BI Secur electric operator systems.

Side hinged garage doors are a type of door The Garage Door Centre has seen a resurgence in demand for over the last few years. The convenience of easy operation and easy access through one of the doors as a pedestrian, along with the lack of internal mechanism required is the biggest attraction for most. However the latest models of double skinned steel insulated side hinged doors offer great levels of security with optional security packages available to make forced entry almost impossible. Look to the Carteck, Ryterna and Hormann Steel double skinned side hinged doors for this kind of door. Good, solid panels offering the security but also higher levels of weather protection and some insulation for your garage too.

Several specialist garage doors are available for those looking for security, doors such as the Delta Overlap with its integral locking mechanism and strong panel design. The Garador steel up and over ‘Guardian’ doors offer a level 1 rating for security with enhanced steel struts on the door panel and steel plates protecting key point of attack.
Silvelox, an Italian manufacturer of counter balance operated up and over doors offer a security rating which basically steel plates the already very thick door panel to gain a high level certification of security albeit a European standard.

To conclude if you do have an older type up and over garage door or even old side hinged door the chances are the effort required to break in will be minimal. The oldest types of steel up and over doors have terrible locking facilities for a start but the panel design also means it is very easy to peel them open like a can of beans and even quite quietly too. Although you can add some security devices as an after market purchase many of them are simply like putting a padlock on a paper bag. The basic product itself having no strength will not be enhanced by locking it in one point only.

The Garage Door Centre also offers a wide range of steel security pedestrian doors to go along with the garage door, either for the actual garage itself or to secure access between the garage and you home. We also offer a full and comprehensive range of security grilles and shutters alongside out sister company Samson Doors. All these products are on display at our 2 showroom facility in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

For expert advice on garage door security please e-mail or call us direct on 01933 229135.

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Glass Garage Doors, are they Possible? - 0

By Nathan Dove | August 4, 2017

There is an increasing demand for ‘glass garage doors’, and now it is possible to have either real glass or the more traditional acrylic panes as used for many years.
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A Guide to Buying Side Hinged Garage Doors - 0

By Nathan Dove | June 13, 2017

If you’re looking to invest in a new side hinged garage door, check out our tips on Buying Side Hinged Garage Doors and Personnel Doors…
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Hormann Hinged Door Range – The Biggest? - 0

By Nathan Dove | May 12, 2017

Hormann are very well known in the UK and across the world for their garage doors, as well as for their industrial doors in the commercial world. Their biggest range of doors, however, is quite probably their range of hinged pedestrian doors, providing access, insulation and security.

  thermoprointernal doors hormann

Several years ago, Hormann launched their range of ThermoPro Front Entrance Doors, followed by the release of their top-end aluminium entrance doors, which offer the ability to match your garage door with your front entrance door. The latter range of doors is somewhat smaller, but offers a mid-to-high range of specification, with a price to match. The ThermoPro range of doors is now well established in the UK market, and offers a selection of steel insulated doors with very high security and insulation qualities, as well as features including a super-low (10mm-15mm) threshold, triple glazing and (optional) electric opening functionality. The designs available cover traditional styles, but also offer contemporary and modern looks, all in a range of colours.

Hormann’s aluminium range was relaunched last year, now including a large range of ThermoSafe, ThermoCarbon, and TOP Comfort bespoke doors. These ranges offer the highest levels of door performance, with some doors delivering astounding thermal values as low as 0.47W/(m2K)! These doors are able to be tailored to your exact specifications, with bespoke colours, glazing, locking, hinges, handles, side elements and so on.

ThermoComp doors were also fully launched earlier this year, offering a range of composite doors. These high-quality offerings are all bespoke in sizing, with a full arsenal of accessories, side and top elements available to help create the perfect front entrance door.

Whilst this may seem like a large number of doors already, there’s more! Hormann offer a range of domestic side doors, perfect for garage side entrance doors, available in single or double skin steel for different applications. These doors have also been designed to match the designs of the garage doors Hormann offer, allowing you to create visual  consistency on your garage and property.

There are also individual doors designed purely for domestic use; the KSI Thermo, the MZ Thermo, the H3D. There is also a fire-rated door for use between a house and a garage called the H8-5, and a security rated version, WAT. Further into the home, there is the ZK range, offering internal steel doorsets with attractive colour and woodgrain finishes.

Hormann have recently launched a range of internal timber doorsets, which are poised to take the market by storm. The key word here is ‘sets’, as the doors come fully finished with a ready-to-fit sub frame and architrave set, along with all the appropriate furniture and locking. Rather than simply buying the door leaf, this set delivers the full package for installing a door and closing off a door opening. The range of doors, BaseLine, ConceptLine, GlassLine and DesignLine, will provide a vast range of traditional and modern internal timber doors, suited for any home. From solid timber to almost-completely glass doors, this range promises exciting new designs and finishes for internal doors.

This just about covers the huge selection of hinged pedestrian doors that Hormann offer, but only for domestic applications. Commercial and industrial doors are also available, but that is a far bigger story, best saved for another day.

Hormann Entrance Doors Brochure

Hormann Entrance Doors Product Catalogue

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What Bespoke Garage Doors are Available? (Update) - 0

By Nathan Dove | December 3, 2016

Many garage door companies manufacture bespoke sized garage doors but only a few offer a totally bespoke service for design , mechanism, and other unique features…

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