Why Do Roller Door Prices Seem to Vary so Much?

By Nathan Dove | September 24, 2014

It is like many things we buy, you have cheap, moderate, and high end quality, but with roller doors it seems a lot more difficult to judge what is going on.
Roller garage doors manufactured and sold in the UK seem to all be the same but the headline prices advertised vary enormously, so why is this?

We see regular headline adverts from companies selling ‘insulated roller doors from £699 installed’ or even lower sometimes, and when you realise that a standard double skinned insulated aluminium roller door sold as a supply only product will start from around £800 inc. VAT from any reputable discount online seller then you have to ask what is going on? Well, in our experience and from information fed back from the public there seems to be 2 reasons:

1. You do have some companies selling very, very cheap aluminium roller doors manufactured from the thinnest of slats and the cheapest of internal components with no safety mechanisms compliant with current UK regulations, and yes they can probably install one for a sub £800 price but what you get may last you a year or so at the most and then guess what, they have either gone, or the warranty is not valid.
We see it all the time unfortunately.

2. You have companies who attract you in by a low headline price and then when the salesman/surveyor arrives the price will rise as he will tell you it is not as per the advertised product and in the worst cases we have seen the price rise several times, even on the day of the door installation!!
This practice occurs in a lot of industries, but we have seen it recently specifically occurring with roller garage doors.

How can you get an honest price and descent roller door product installed?

Look towards the most established manufacturers, usually being those that have been genuinely in existence for more than 10 years now and make sure they have certification to show their product complies with all the latest UK regulations regarding safety for remote control electric doors. we could name them but some research on the internet would hopefully soon reveal the obvious candidates although beware of the companies flooding the internet with false claims and made up customer reviews or testimonials as there are plenty of them.

We are happy to talk to you about our own experiences with the leading roller garage door manufacturers and will be impartial to the recommendation using your specification, colour, size and usage to determine the best option for you.

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